Adopt Me: Dexter the gentle giant

Sep 8 2017, 7:52 am

Do you love big dogs? What about massive ones? Because Dexter is really big. 85 lbs to be exact. And he comes up to most people’s hips.

The Mountain Dog Boxer cross found himself in the care of Thank Dog I Am Out Rescue (TDIAO) by no fault of his own. His original owner adopted him at birth, but after getting married and having kids the massive dog became too much for her to handle, and she made the tough but respectable decision to find him a new home where he could be the centre of his people’s universe.

Dexter the gentle giant (Thank Dog I Am Out)

Let’s talk about the positives about this mixed breed: He’s housetrained, well mannered, docile and is very calm with kids. He walks like a gentleman on leash, knows commands and has excellent recall.  He is six years old and has no health problems.

Now, the negatives, and they’re not all that bad: He can’t live with cats or small dogs because he doesn’t really understand them. The rescue says he gets over excited and wants to carry them in his mouth. So basically he believes they are toys.

Dexter is a dream with kids (TDIAO).

The abandonment by his original family and subsequent foster family has left him confused, and struggling with separation anxiety. Trainers with Calming K9 Dog Training assessed Dex and believe he would benefit from living with someone with a regular schedule. Perhaps this means someone who works from home or could take him along to the office, where he would happily snooze the day away.

Depending on your point of view, his hugeness is a hindrance. His ideal human would be a dog-savvy person who is confident and not intimidated by his size.

“He really is ridiculously gentle. He just suffers from being abandoned. A regular schedule is what he needs, and someone who really likes big dogs,” says Susan Paterson.

If you think Dexter is the right dog for you, email [email protected] to find out more.

What a good boy (TDIAO).

Thank Dog I Am Out is also gearing up for its annual mass adoption event at the Vancouver International Airport.

On November 4, it will fly in 80 adoptable dogs and puppies to find new homes in the Vancouver-area. You can pre-register for the event and learn more on its website.

Dexter the gentle giant (Thank Dog I Am Out)

Dexter the mellow gentle giant (TDIAO).

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