Adopt Me: Black pets with hearts of gold

Dec 19 2017, 9:52 pm

Whether we realize it or not, the colour of a pet matters when they end up in shelter.

Petfinder, which advertises homeless animals, says black pets spend almost four times as long listed on its site before being adopted than lighter-coloured animals.

At SAINTS Sanctuary in Mission, it’s a problem they’ve experienced as well.

“People like flashy cars, custom houses and designer pets. Good old ‘Plain Jane’ black cats and dogs receive less interest even when inside they have have solid gold hearts,” said founder Carol Hine.

Right now SAINTS is highlighting some of its black adoptable animals in hopes that people can see past the colour of their fur and give them a forever home.


Jada, courtesy SAINTS

Jada, courtesy SAINTS

This Labrador Retriever mix loves stuffies, food, walks – and more food. She’s 11-years-old but is described as a fun and energetic dog. She knows her commands and is well-behaved.

Jada recently had major surgery but has been given a clean bill of health from a vet. She gets along well with other dogs, but can be a food hog, and will steal food from her canine companions.

Hine says she’d make a great companion for a family — but just needs another chance at love!


Emma, courtesy SAINTS

Emma, courtesy SAINTS

This domestic short-haired-Abyssinian mix sweetie lived a long happy life and was well-cared from in her previous home. She is friendly and sweet and, all around, “a really great cat.”

She is 10 and needs a retirement home! She has lived harmoniously with cats and dogs in the past, and could happily fit into a new home where there are animals.

Here’s what SAINTS had to say about Emma: “She has no behavioural issues, and is completely healthy. She is very adaptable and does not faze easily.”


Ebony, courtesy SAINTS

Ebony, courtesy SAINTS

Ebony is what you’d call a “one cat cat.”  She prefer things low-key and would rather be in a house where she is the only cat.  She’d actually prefer if that human lived by themselves too.

This kitty’s owner had to go into an assisted living home and couldn’t take Ebony along with her, so this sweetie is really craving a stable home where she can be the princess.

“She is in good health, all she needs is that one special person,” says SAINTS.


Pete, courtesy SAINTS

Pete, courtesy SAINTS

This little bundle of fun is Pete. He’s barely stopped being a puppy – he’s two – and loves to run and play.

Pete has congenital spinal deformities, which can cause intermittent pain if he moves the wrong way, so it’s best if he lives in a home without small children. Pete is very friendly but he once bit a child that tried to pick him up.

“Pete is very friendly, his bite reaction was due to pain, he has never shown any aggression otherwise. He can be easily picked up and carried, in a way as to not aggravate his spine,” SAINTS says.

Pete would love to have another dog in the home, and wouldn’t mind a cat, although he does have a tendency to chase them to try to get them to play.

For information on these pets, and other adoptable SAINTS, please email their adoption coordinator at [email protected].

Courtesy SAINTS.

Courtesy SAINTS.