Neighbouring store mocks anti-gentrification protests plaguing Pidgin Restaurant

Dec 19 2017, 9:18 am

So much for having a good, new neighbour…

Pidgin Restaurant owners are offended by window signs that an adjacent clothing store has installed since November of last year.

The restaurant located on Carrall Street in the troubled downtown Eastside area has been plagued by daily, front door anti-gentrification protesters whose tactics have gone as far as harassing patrons of what they believe is an ‘upscale’ eatery.

A new clothing store called Savant is about to open its doors right next to Pidgin, and it has covered its windows with posters that mock the restaurant’s never-ending protests. The graphics feature images of children picking their nose and a title that reads, “Pick-it line starts here.”


To say the least, the operators of the restaurant aren’t too pleased. According to Pidgin owner David Brandon Groussutti, they have requested that the signs be taken down.

The owner of the clothing store claims the images were merely done as an temporary art piece, not as a way to draw attention to the new business, and that he was not involved with artist Raif Adelberg’s creative process and messaging. The posters will be taken down due to the backlash from Pidgin and the $50 per week fines for violating strata rules.

Pidgin opened just 10 months ago and was recently named by Air Canada’s enRoute magazine as one of Canada’s top five restaurants.

Anti-gentrification protesters have also targeted Cuchillo, which opened in the downtown Eastside last year, with the same harassing tactics used on Pidgin and even issued a list of bizarre demands on the restaurant. Other establishments such as Save On Meats and Famoso Pizzeria have also been attacked by the protesters.

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