7 trendy accessories that every book lover needs for summer

Aug 19 2020, 2:15 pm

The essence of summer relaxation is having your toes burrowed in the sand, the sun shining down on you from above, and a good read in hand.

Losing yourself in an immersive story can feel like teleporting to another place; it’s an experience that feels particularly indulgent on a beautiful summer day when whatever you’re reading can be enjoyed in tandem with nature.

Like any pastime, the right equipment and accessories can completely elevate the experience and allow you to fully appreciate those fleeting summer moments. This is precisely what prompted us to put together a list of ultimate reading essentials that will totally upgrade your reading game.

Beach tote


Find yourself a beach tote that can do it all: hold your books, sunscreen, sunglasses, towel, and wine — wait, what?

Yes, humanity has finally evolved to a point where beach bags with built-in, insulated compartments of wine are a thing. These clever bags have a secret pouch that keeps wine chilled for hours, so you can sip as you turn pages.

Inflatable sofa


Speaking of getting comfy, why not make the beach feel like your own living room with an inflatable sofa?

Instead of sitting on the ground, you can read from what feels like a big cloud. Don’t worry — you won’t have to inflate it using your own air supply, as it’s meant to be held up and inflated by the wind. Disclaimer: you may get so comfortable that you fall asleep mid-read.

Kobo Nia

There will always be something romantic and nostalgic about a paperback novel, but the benefits of going digital with your reading are pretty unrivalled.

Having an e-reader like the new Kobo Nia basically means being able to carry an infinite number of reading options with you everywhere. Its lightweight and compact design make it ideal for tossing into your beach bag.

The latest and most affordable of Kobo’s eReader series, the Nia has storage for up to 6,000 eBooks and a battery charge that lasts for weeks. Its ComfortLight technology means you can also easily adjust the brightness of the screen to suit your environment (AKA a bright, sunny beach). It also makes it super easy to read in the sunshine due to its glare-free screen.

eBook subscription

Trying to hit a reading goal this year, or are you constantly looking for new titles to read? You can get an unlimited (yes, you heard that right) eBook subscription for less than 10 bucks a month with Kobo Plus. The epitome of budget-friendly reading, you’ll have the option to scroll hundreds of thousands of titles in a variety of different languages.

Since the subscription is an all-you-can-read buffet of books, it’s an ideal way to approach classics you’ve always wanted to read, delve into a new field of interest, or sample a few pages before moving onto something else.

Portable hammock


Portable hammocks are a sure-fire way to trick yourself into thinking you’re on a tropical vacation, no matter where you are.

We often tend to think as hammocks as permanent fixtures, when in reality they’re also ideal for taking on the go and are super simple to set up. Just make sure whatever beach or park your headed to has a few trees you can tether yourself to and you’ll be feeling weightless in no time.

Beach blanket

Rachel Lees/Unsplash

This one might seem a little obvious, but trust us when we tell you not all beach blankets are created equal.

Remember having to vigorously shake sand off of your blanket (only to get home and find that, yep, it’s still full of sand)? With the advent of sand and water-resistant blankets, you’ll never have to worry about the elements interfering with your comfort again.

Reading sunnies

Ethan Robertson/Unsplash

There’s nothing worse than being blinded by beams of sunlight while you’re reading.

For those who have been blessed with 20/20 vision, sunglasses are a simple solution. But for fellow wearers of glasses, it can be a little more complicated. Reading sunglasses combine the best of both worlds by integrating your vision prescription into your sunglasses so you don’t have to choose between seeing and keeping your eyes protected.

Feeling inspired to elevate your outdoor reading? Head to Kobo.com to learn more about the new Kobo Nia and all-you-can-read Kobo Plus eBook subscription.


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