Abbotsford set to host Quidditch Canada Regional Championship

Dec 19 2017, 8:16 pm

Yeah, you read that right – Abbotsford will host Quidditch Canada’s Western Regional Championship Saturday, February 27 to Sunday, February 28.

Teams from across Western Canada will arrive to play the “Muggle version” of the sport popularized in the Harry Potter book and film series, and determine the best players in Western Canada.

The sport is played on a high school, college, and community level by over 400 teams around the world, with 30 teams in Canada. B.C. itself is home to the UBC Thunderbirds, Vancouver Vipertooths, UVic Valkyries, and others.

For those somehow not in the know, the the fictional version of Quidditch has teams of wizards zipping about on flying broomsticks, with the “Chasers” tossing a ball called a “Quaffle” back and forth, attempting to score on one of three hoops, protected by the “Keeper.” “Beaters” try to slow the other team by directing animated balls called “Bludgers” into their paths, while finally the teams “Seeker” tries to catch the “Golden Snitch” to end – and often win – the game.

The Muggle version is basically the same, but played while running with a broom held between your legs, throwing dodgeballs and a special Quaffle stand-in, while a person dressed as the Golden Snitch runs around the field, eluding capture.

[youtube id=”qx3_IMFtivk”]