8 local wine and beer pairings for your next takeout night

Aug 27 2020, 2:56 pm

The challenges of dining out right now means it may be time to kick nights in into high gear with the ultimate trifecta: Netflix, takeout, and drink pairings.

For real though; pairing your takeout food with a carefully selected range of wine or beer can seriously elevate a simple night in and bring out the best flavours in each.

That’s why we consulted the experts at BC Liquor Stores for their recommendations on which BC wines and beers make the best matches for the most popular types of takeout food. Full disclosure: you may never want to dine out again.

Fried chicken and bubbly

Did someone say chicken waffles with whipped schmaltz and chipotle-maple drizzle? Bless the genius that came up with this Juke Fried Chicken creation.

Equally amazing is the fact that you can plop down on your couch and enjoy it alongside a glass of bubbly. Sparkling wines, like Stellers Jay Brut, will add a sweet and peachy finish to your takeout order. You also can’t go wrong with a lovely palate-cleansing beer, like the Tofino Blonde Ale, which will cut through the oily-rich goodness and prepare you for your next bite.

Italian and IPAs

Think savoury and acidic antipasti, salad with crumbly cheese, and fresh pasta. Order from Ask for Luigi and transform your living room into an intimate Italian restaurant for the evening.

And since Italian food was practically designed to be consumed with wine, don’t forget to uncork a bottle. Mission Hill Five Vineyards Pinot Grigio will make instant friends with a lighter pasta, risotto, or seafood. If you go for something meatier, like spaghetti and meatballs or pappardelle, try something like the Central City Red Racer Session IPA for a bitter and malty taste that will leave your mouth full of flavour.

Indian and Gewürztraminer

Vij’s is potentially one of the most well-known Indian restaurants around town — and for good reason. Their creative and contemporary take on Indian cuisine keeps us coming back for more.

So, next time you’re chowing down on a plate of their classic samosas, consider taking it up a notch with a Gewürztraminer. A wine like Quails Gate Gewurztraminer is sure to bring out the best of both worlds and offer notes of lychee, pear, and rosewater. A strong, citrusy beer, like the Yellow Dog Brewing High 5 Hazy IPA will also do the trick — a flawless pairing with floral and fruity flavours.

Chinese and lager

Nothing quite compares to a quintessential night in hovering over Chinese takeout boxes, chopsticks in hand, while watching your favourite flick. The dumplings and beef-and-fennel fried rice from Najia Restaurant are a great go-to.

For something to sip, go for a versatile Pinot Gris that will work well with the diverse flavours and styles of Chinese cuisine. Poplar Grove Pinot Gris has a lush palate of Fuji apple, apricot, and Okanagan peach that’s refreshing and acidic. When it comes to beer, go for something light and easy to drink, like Red Truck Lager. The European-style beer won’t overpower the sumptuous flavours of your takeout order.

Sushi and sours

Follow up a few maki rolls from Sushi California with sweet white wine and you’ll be instantly transported to paradise (without leaving your sofa).

White blends generally tend to pair well with a variety of different Asian cuisines. The notes of sweetness from a vibrant wine like Nk’Mip Dreamcatcher will balance out the chili heat of spicy sushi rolls. A sour beer like Fuggles & Warlock Kiwami Plum Sour will also add some fun dimension to your meal.

Pizza and pilsner

Alas, no comprehensive takeout list would be complete without mention of pizza. Order from Straight Outta Brooklyn for a traditional New York–style pie.

It will make an ideal companion for a robust red, like Black Sage Vineyard Cabernet Franc — especially if there are pepperonis to be found. Hoyne Brewing Pilsner is a rich, pale golden lager with a refined hop flavour that will go down nicely with a slice of margherita.

Burgers and red blends

The sensation of sinking your teeth into a juicy burger is pretty unparalleled if you ask us, and Moderne Burger knows just how to serve up a classic one.

It’s a match made in heaven for an equally juicy red wine blend. We recommend trying Road 13 Honest John’s Red for a fruity and rich wine that will complement dinner. Beer lovers will want to opt for a bright and citrusy beer, like Steamworks Pale Ale, that will cut through the richness of the burger for a balanced palate.

Greek and rosé

A Greek food staple, Takis Taverna is as fun to say out loud as it is to eat. Here, you’ll find a menu full of seafood, souvlaki, salads, and dips.

Scarf down some grilled calamari with help from a refreshing rosé. The Bartier Bros dry and fruity rosé is a great place to start. Another easy choice is Parallel 49’s Craft Lager. The iconic East Van beer is crisp, refreshing, and fermented cool using a traditional German lager yeast.

Ready to start planning your next big night in? Chat with the expert Product Consultants at BC Liquor Stores to find the perfect food pairing or visit BCLiquorStores.com to search products, watch virtual events, read the latest issue of TASTE magazine, and find your nearest location.

And, as always, please remember that drinks are best enjoyed when they’re enjoyed responsibly.

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