8 ways to wear Fall 2014 plaid

Dec 19 2017, 8:11 pm

Plaid is a mainstay of fall fashion, but we tend to have plaid ranked as a t-shirt or tie pattern. Plaid jackets and plaid bags are some of my favourite ways to mix up trends and bring a wardrobe into the Fall layering season.

Whether you are honouring the recently renewed relationship between Scotland and Britain, or simply love the many patterns of plaid, there are so many different colours and weaves that have come from ancient Scottish clans. If you have a Scottish background, search to see what your family tartan looks like, and work that into your weekly style.

Stuck for styling ideas? No problem – the list below will highlight 8 complete outfits to give you a few ideas about how to style your future looks.  If you are more of a conservative dresser, swap a non-plaid pattern for a darker shade, like dark purple, grey or black.

8 Ways To Wear Fall 2014 Plaid

By Vancity Buzz

Plaid is the ultimate pattern for Fall; these are just a few ways to make tartan work for you.

  • Plaid Trousers

    By Vancity Buzz

    For a more stripped down plaid trouser look, pair with a neutral tee and leather jacket, like the woman in the photo has.

  • Plaid Dresses

    By Vancity Buzz

    Plaid dresses are an ultimate layering weapon. Add a long sleeved sweater above or under the dress, and wear a rich coat if you’re really feeling the season.

  • Plaid Scarves

    By Vancity Buzz

    This outfit could have been preppy or sporty, but the plaid takes it to another level.  

  • Plaid & Velvet

    By Vancity Buzz

    Plaid trousers and a velvet blazer isn’t a combo for everyone, but if you’re feeling snappy, put this pair into action! For a less super fashiony look, wear with black brogues and lose the bow tie. 

  • Plaid Vests

    By Vancity Buzz

    Guys or gals can get a bite out of the plaid vest. All you have to do is swap a plaid vest where you would be wearing a denim one.

  • Plaid Shirt Dresses

    By Vancity Buzz

    These are one of the easiest options. Pair with a leather jacket and a pair of ankle boots, and you’re good to go.

  • Plaid Blazer

    By Vancity Buzz

    Blazers are my favourite way to wear plaid. If you’re feeling brave, wear with rich colours, or go with basic black.

  • Multi Use Plaid Shirts

    By Vancity Buzz

    For those with a penchant for the 90s, wearing your (or your boyfriend’s) plaid button up as a hip wrap is an easy style option!


Feature Image: Plaid pants via shutterstock


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