8 Ways to Get Motivated

Dec 19 2017, 12:07 pm

Setting up goals is easier said than done. After even small setbacks or lack of self-confidence, keeping motivated towards those goals can leave you feeling frustrated and stuck. You might find yourself feeling like you can’t even get off the couch let alone in the mood to take action. I’ve felt that way many times but I’ve found a few key strategies that help me stay driven and inspired to keep working on making positive changes in my life.

Here are 8 ways to get motivated and back on track towards your goals:

Find your WHY

So often we create goals but we don’t really know the true why behind them. If that why isn’t strong, it’s not likely to spring you into action for long. Think about why that goal is important to you and write it down. If you can keep that why in your mind you are more likely to stay on the path of action towards your goal.

Get inspired

I’m always seeking out those who have already achieved the kinds of things, people and feelings that I want. If I don’t have those people immediately around me I research the sh*t out of it. I find out how people did what they did and try to find a plan that works for me. Google is my best friend when I’m looking for inspiration. I read books and magazines, listen to podcasts and get online to find anything that lights that spark of inspiration.

What does your goal feel like?

Spend time thinking about what it would feel like if you accomplished your goal. Imagine yourself in that dream job or that beautiful home. What does it feel like?  By tapping into how your goals would make you feel you’ll keep the momentum and energy needed to continue taking action. It’s the feeling that we are looking to achieve not necessarily just the result.

Give yourself a reminder

I’ve noticed that even when I have the best intentions I just can’t remember to take my vitamins or do my sit-ups. I need a reminder. When we are putting a new practice into action, it can take weeks for our brain to naturally do it. At first, we need reminders. I set an alarm or notice on my smart phone or pin a note or picture up on my bathroom mirror. Don’t panic if you forget. Set up any sort of system that helps you remember.

Start small

My dentist once asked me if I could floss just one tooth a day.  I thought, of course I can! Flossing used to be an annoying and daunting task until I started using my dentist’s strategy of one tooth a day.  If you start so small it would be crazy to say no, you won’t be overwhelmed or intimidated and are sure to stay working towards your goal.

Don’t judge yourself

We can be our own worst critics when we don’t feel motivated or didn’t follow through on a goal. I know I’m harder on myself than anyone else. Sometimes I don’t even allow myself to watch TV because I’ll feel guilty. It’s okay to take a break or to not feel 100 per cent motivated every day. If you find you’re beating yourself up, stop! Laugh at yourself for taking it so seriously and start again with Step 2 to get inspired. Spark that feeling of inspiration and create the excitement you need to get moving again.

Stop freaking yourself out

It’s easy to freak yourself out when you think about the ‘big giant goal.’ Think about the ‘big giant goal’ as the overall achievement and remember it’s going to take small steps to get there, instead of one big leap. Focus on the small actions from Step 5 that you can do every day to help you move towards that big goal.

Find a partner

I hold myself way more accountable to other people than I do to myself. So when I set a new goal, I tell a friend or family member to keep me on track. If you’re also more likely to stick to something if another person knows about your goal too, then find a friend or hire a life coach who will make sure you stick to the goals you set for yourself. Pick someone who knows you’re worth achieving your big goal and you’re one major step closer to achieving it.


Written by Kiran Chatha, guest contributor at Vancity Buzz. Connect with Kiran on Twitter @liveyou111.