8 Tips on How to be Instantly Positive

Dec 19 2017, 8:17 pm

Stop waiting for joy to find you and create it around you. Here are 8 tips on how to be instantly positive!

1. Give a little

There is something about giving that really makes us feel good. Doing for others with no expectations back is one of the best ways to perk up your mood. Try plugging a parking meter for someone at random or paying for the coffee behind you. It’s simple, easy and an effective way to feel good instantly.

2. Dance

Sometimes being silly isn’t always easy to do in front others, but in the privacy of your own home it can be a little easier. Turn off that TV, turn on some of your favourite music and just dance! It’s hard not to be in a great mood when you’re grooving to your favourite tunes.

3. Think about your thanks

We can go through our days without really appreciating all that we have. Be mindful of finding the simple things to be thankful for, like that morning cup of coffee or that smile from a stranger. If you’re consciously bringing your attention to all the amazing things you have around you it’s harder to stay in any kind of funk.

4. Limit your TV intake

Getting stuck on that couch can really get you in a funk. It keeps you away from getting creative with how you can spend your time. Get up and get moving! Go outside, join an urban rec team or MeetUp groups. Don’t waste your days having a one-sided relationship with the TV. Get out and get connected instead.

5. Have some kid-sized fun

Remember what it was to go to the water park as a kid, or to the playground. Revisit those memories by creating them again. Round up some friends and make a trip out to the water park or play a game of California kick ball! Get connected to your inner kid and feel instantly happy!

6. Go outside

There is something about being by the water, hiking a beautiful trail or going for a walk outside that can really bring a sense of peace and openness to you. Spend even 15 mins outside and it will be just that pick me up that you need.

7. Read a little more

With books you can be transported into a fantasy land or into the story of another persons world. It’s a great way to get your imagination flowing and into a moment that takes you on a great adventure. Try starting your day off with a good book.

8. Wake up 15 minutes earlier

Often we are running from one moment to the next, try waking up even 15 mins earlier to give yourself some time to sit and enjoy a book or to really just sit with your morning tea. To be able to give yourself some you time before you start your day could be great momentum for a positive day ahead.


Written by Kiran Chatha, guest contributor at Vancity Buzz. Connect with Kiran on Twitter @liveyou111.

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