8 reasons why you need to visit Japan

Dec 19 2017, 9:41 pm


Think of Japan and your mind probably turns to the sushi, Harajuka girls, and cherry blossoms you’re all too well accustomed to hearing about. Of course those things are all pretty cool, but they’re just a snapshot of what this amazing country has to offer.

So to help you discover what the country really has to offer, here are 8 reasons why you need to visit Japan.

Reliable travel options 

Image: JAL

Image: JAL

The first thing you need to consider when traveling to Japan is how you’ll get there. Take time to consider both the benefits and overall experience that your chosen airline offers. Japan Airlines (JAL) is among the best for its convenience and top-notch customer service that makes passengers feel at home, even at 39,000 feet.

A prime example includes its recent FlightStats Inc. award regarding an on-time arrival rate of 89.44% for its 2015 domestic and international flights. Avoid the headache of unreliable flight times by going for the gold with JAL, as rated by the industry’s toughest critics – you’ll touch down in Chiba’s Narita International Airport right on time. 

Engetsu Island

This location will be one of the highlights of your trip. Engetsu Island is famous for its celebrated arch and bright sunsets that you can’t fully appreciate until you’re there to see it yourself. Relax on the Shirarahama Beach and sink your feet into its soft white sands. When you’re done make sure to scan the amazing restaurants and sample the delicious Japanese cuisine. You can’t go wrong with the sake and a classic plate of stone-roasted Koshu wine beef.

Japanese hospitality 

Experience amazing Japanese hospitality as soon as you step on your plane. JAL aligned its principles with Japan’s rich history of “Omotenashi,” meaning the kind Japanese way of treating a guest. From its earliest days, hosts of all kinds in Japan have catered to the country’s belief in paying close attention to the guest. They create a positive atmosphere in which smiles and relaxation are exchanged on a regular basis. Walk onto a JAL flight and you’ll immediately notice the presence of the Omotenashi that fills the cabin. Friendly flight attendants pay close attention to your needs, making sure you have more than enough of everything. 

Above and beyond this excellent service, planes include eye-friendly LED lights that change to match various scenes and wider windows so you can see to the max. Relax in your cabin that makes it easy to move with higher ceilings than conventional medium-sized aircrafts and adjust the air pressure settings to your liking. JAL’s exclusive SKY MANGA in-flight entertainment system lets you choose between several stimulating options. You’ll experience the best of Japanese hospitality before you hit the ground, giving you a great preview of the generosity you can expect from locals.

The cultural experience 

Tap into the many cultural experiences you’ll never find at home, not to mention anywhere else in the world. Visit the Festival in Nachi on July 14, an occasion that even by itself is worth booking a trip for. This fire festival consists of men dressed in white carrying six meter high torches within the Kumano Mountains. Learn about how they represent the purification of the sacred falls and vitality.

For another quintessential Japanese experience, sink your teeth into some Hakari-me-Don, a special dish that features eel cooked in a sweet and spicy soy sauce, served over a bowl of steamed rice. Find the best version of this meal in Futtsu, Chiba prefecture. Futtsu’s eel has a great reputation for its soft skin and tender meat and is considered to be some of the best in Japan. As a popular meal for more than 40 years, this dish makes for a fantastic cultural experience.

Located in Chiba, the Shinsho-ji Temple is worth checking out. Dedicated to the god of fire named Fudomyo-o, you’ll be blown away by its fantastic architecture that was built in the early 18th century.

Phenomenal pre/post cruise destinations

Chat to JAL about catching an airport limousine to Japan’s famous cruise ports including the Kobe Cruise Port and Osaka Cruise Port. Explore a stimulating region like Wakayama and gain unrivalled access to an infusion of Japanese experiences you’ll never forget. Walk up the Kii mountain range’s Kogumotori-goe Trail that leads to the Hyakken-gura lookout and you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking view.

Beautiful heritage sites

The Nachi Waterfalls is a must-see. Catch some cool shots of the famous 133 metre tall waterfall, where one tonne of water drops down the cliff every second. Then, pay a visit to the Kumano Nachi Taisha, a Shinto Shrine located on Mt. Nachi and a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once there you can explore hot springs, hikes, temples, shrines, and much more.  

Adrenalin-pumping adventures

Perfect for the thrill seeker – the Kitayama River Rafting experience has been described as one of the most exciting white water rides in the world. So instead of simply looking at Japan’s Kitayama River, experience its riveting currents as you stand up on a narrow wooden raft.

Japanese traditions

Immerse yourself in Japanese traditions to feel what it’s really like to live in Japan. The Oyunohara Torii Lit-up is a world renowned tradition that takes place every year from New Year’s Eve to January 7. This is the largest Torii shrine gate in the world, signifying the division of the secular and spiritual worlds.

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