We’re obsessed with this 50¢ bring your own mug pumpkin spice latte

Sep 26 2019, 10:43 am

The return of falling leaves, woolly scarves, and dogs in raincoats all tell us that it’s finally pumpkin spice season in Vancouver. And we have even more good news for you: your first sip of Pumpkin Spice Latte is only 50 cents away.

Pumpkin enthusiasts can rejoice this season, knowing that their latte habit doesn’t have to cost them an arm and a leg. Bring a reusable mug to your nearest 7-Eleven and — for a limited time — you can fill up on pumpkin goodness for the price of the change in your pocket.

Think of the earthy-but-sweet pumpkin flavour, tempered by a delicate balance of spices — can you really blame us for our pumpkin spice obsession?

For those of us accustomed to shelling out $5 for this kind of gourmet caffeine fix, a 50 cent Pumpkin Spice Latte might seem too good to be true. But a higher cost doesn’t always translate to a higher quality drink.

Did we mention that indulging your pumpkin spice craving is also helping the planet? When you fill your own mug for 50 cents, you’re reducing waste from paper cups while you save.

In a blind taste test, 7-Eleven ranked higher than some of the Canadian coffee world’s biggest players. It placed second only to an independent roaster, and took home the title of best affordable brew. It only goes to show that a great coffee doesn’t have to be expensive to impress.

With 100% Arabica beans and a meticulous small batch approach to roasting, 7-Eleven has been punching above its weight when it comes to brewing coffee — winning over experts and everyday coffee drinkers alike.

Their craft roasting skills have even won them a Golden Bean Award. The distinction is a nod from the sommeliers of the coffee world, who spend years fine tuning their palates so they can identify the best roasts around the world in a blind taste test.


These are the winning beans that go into 7-Eleven’s in-store brewed coffee: ethically harvested and hand-selected, and then roasted right here in Canada. People know they can expect a hot cuppa joe from the convenience store chain, but their specialty drinks take it a delightful step further. You can grab a latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate or —while it’s in season — a PSL, of course.

Here’s a piping hot tip. We recommend another seasonal offering that you won’t find anywhere else. The new SKOR Hot Chocolate is a perfect blend of toffee and chocolate — also available for 50 cents with your own mug.

Before heading to the checkout, you can customize your drink with free toppings and syrups to your heart’s content at 7-Eleven’s coffee bar. Experiment with different flavours, or throw way too many marshmallows on top. It’s entirely up to you.

Who knows, maybe your custom creation will be your next obsession.

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