75-year old cold weather record broken in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 9:38 am

Another cold weather record has been broken in Vancouver with the continuation of the arctic air mass outflow.

This morning’s low of -8.8 degrees Celsius at Vancouver International Airport broke the previous February 8, 1939 record of -7.2 degrees Celsius.

It follows another record breaker on Thursday when morning temperatures dipped to -8.4 degrees Celsius, beating the old record of -7.8 degrees Celsius set on February 6, 1948. Sub-zero temperatures throughout the past week even allowed a Surrey farmer to bring back his outdoor ice rink.

Environment Canada expects snowfall for Sunday and Monday, before the arrival of warmer temperatures and the transition into rain for the rest of the week from Tuesday onwards.

For much of the last three weeks, Metro Vancouver has enjoyed relatively pristine, sunny conditions.

Image: Handsome man in scarf via Shutterstock