6 reasons to try Meatless Monday this fall

Jul 29 2019, 4:53 pm

You’ve probably heard of Meatless Monday. Maybe it popped up on your social media feed, or in conversation at work. You likely also know that it involves giving up eating meat one day a week. But did you know that it’s more than a fad diet — it’s actually a global campaign started by Johns Hopkins University in 2003?

There are even celebrities like Paul McCartney (who went so far as to start his own Meat-Free Mondays non-profit) and Tom Hanks getting behind the idea of reducing your carbon footprint and giving your gut a break by leaving animals off your plate once a week.

Veggie Lover’s Pizza/7-Eleven Canada

These days, it’s easier than ever to incorporate more fresh fruit and veg into your diet — even your friendly neighbourhood 7-Eleven is doing their part to provide #MeatlessMonday options! You can grab fresh fruit and vegetable cups, vegetarian samosas, meat-free sandwiches, chef salads, and more at select stores as easily as you used to reach for bags of chips.

Need more motivation to get on board this fall? Here are six reasons to give Meatless Monday a try.

Keep more money in the bank


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Leaving meat off your plate saves you money. Tofu (arguably the most underrated plant-based food) and broccoli (which packs a ton of protein) are cheaper than animal products. Much like meat, they can be marinated, breaded, baked, or fried and doused in delicious sauces. Plus, tofu can be transformed into a substitute for things like feta and mayonnaise if you toss it in a blender with a few key ingredients. Yet another way to save a few bucks (because, you know, cheese is expensive).

Go easy on the environment


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Our #fruitcups are one in a melon. 🍉💛 Get this fast and fruity snack 24/7 at 7-Eleven. #7ElevenCanada #FastFruit

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One of the biggest motivating factors not to eat meat should be environmental benefits. Mass-farmed cows are particularly hard on the environment. The amount of methane one dairy cow produces in a year is equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from a mid-sized vehicle driven 20,000 kilometres. Save a few cows (and the ozone layer) by opting for veggies over meat.

Boost your energy

Plants are high in fiber (meat contains zero fiber) and they’re easier to digest than animal products. This means your body can convert that food into energy faster. Plus, plant-based meals leave you feeling less tired and weighed down. Worried about your protein intake? Don’t be! People are consuming roughly twice the protein their bodies need to function and that extra protein can be turned into fat.

Hot tip: if you’re stuck at work on Monday and desperately in need of a midday pick-me-up, you can order your favourite healthy snacks from select 7-Eleven locations through Foodora and Uber Eats.

Get creative in the kitchen


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Wondering how to break the cycle of meaty monotony? Well, thanks to the internet, you have zero excuses for not trying some veg-forward recipes. There are literally hundreds of great cooking blogs and YouTube channels to inspire you (check out Cookie + Kate and Majula’s Kitchen — you’ll thank us later). Even 7-Eleven is getting creative in the kitchen, with healthy options like the veggie lover’s pizza, veggie samosas, veggie spring rolls, and breakfast sandwiches.

Feel a little friskier

That’s right, eating plants gives you energy and may increase your libido. Basically, plant-based foods help increase your circulation, which can directly improve sexual function. Even James Cameron is getting on board, stating in one interview that he hopes to put the “little blue pill” out of business with his vegan documentary, The Game Changers. If a better sex life doesn’t sound like a good reason to cut back on meat, we don’t know what does.

Drop a few pounds


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If you’re looking to cut down on some extra weight around the middle, eating more vegetables is a good place to start. People who follow a plant-based diet have a lower body mass index in general than those who consume meat. Plus, the meat on your plate is adding a lot of calories, fat, and no fiber to your diet. Eating less meat also increases your energy levels, making it that much easier to hit the gym, go for that lunchtime run, or wake up for yoga on Sunday morning.

There are many benefits to joining the Meatless Monday movement. Your body will thank you, the planet and the animals will thank you, and your bank account will thank you. You’ll be able to expand your palate with new recipes that include legumes, spices, and vegetables. And it really is easy: even if you forget your lunch at home, you can pop into select 7-Eleven stores to find sandwiches, pizzas, samosas, salads, fresh fruit, and other tasty veggie-based snacks made daily.