61% off Hand Car Wash & Wax at Mr. Shine on Marine

Dec 19 2017, 5:05 am

Trying to get the most out of your summer driving experience? Your car deserves to shine through its way around town. Extend the luxury of your car with professional hand car wash and wax service at Mr. Shine on Marine. Get this deal at 61% off at The Red Pocket! You get $30 for $76 worth of Hand Car Wash and Hand Wax, or 2 Hand Car Washes, plus $10 off Engine Shampoo at Mr Shine on Marine.

Mr. Shine’s team is dedicated to treat your vehicle with the finest care and guarantees that no detail is left uncleaned. They specialize in hand car washes and detailing services, in which the price and quality are almost unrivaled by others.

Their hand car wash includes exterior wash and towel dry, interior vacuum, interior wipe including dashboard, window and floor mat washing. Regardless of what kind of vehicles you drive, keeping it sparkling clean would definitely add a luxury touch to it.

For today’s Red Pocket deal with Mr. Shine, you may choose from either getting one hand car wash and wax service, or to two hand car washes instead. Both options are 40% off regular prices and will also get you a bonus $10 off engine shampoo.

Mr Shine has a over 4800 square feet establish, conveniently located on SW Marine Drive, between Cambie and Oak Street. Besides superb quality for car washes, they also promise to offer prompt service that will get you in and out quickly.

Professional hand car wash and wax can now become an affordable luxury! Enjoy Mr Shine’s detail-oriented car wash and wax with today’s Red Pocket deal at 40% off.