6 tips for bringing your workout indoors

Dec 20 2017, 1:17 am

When it comes to exercising outdoors, Vancouverites have it better than most of the country with a fairly mild fall and winter climate. Wet weather can make it pretty tempting to get cozy inside, but keeping that active summer momentum going is important for your health in the cooler months.

Planning ahead can help you to maintain the same level of activity you had during the summer months, and reduce the likelihood of your inner winter sloth coming out. Here are a few tips to help keep you active in the transition from sunny to rainy days:


Image: YMCA

Image: © Trevor Meier for YMCA of Greater Vancouver

1. Take shelter

Besides gyms, look for other public covered areas in parks where you can exercise. Is there a parkade at your work or school? From keeping it old school and running lines like you did in gym class (parking stalls are conveniently set up perfectly for that!) to dancing like no one is watching—parkades are covered and often fairly quiet midday, perfect for a workout. Just make sure you’re not trespassing and staying safe.

Oh, and don’t forget those malls—they’re not just for shopping, you know. They tend to offer long stretches and great windows to look in as you power walk by.

2. Sneak it in

Your TV won’t mind if you are stretching or toning while watching your favourite shows. Do some ab exercises as you keep up with the Kardashians or increase your flexibility while watching Walking Dead (which would be important in the event of a zombie apocalypse).

Stuck at a desk all day? Take a few minutes at your desk and do some stretches. Your neck and back muscles will thank you. If you are up to it, see if your coworkers are up for a plank challenge!

3. Find a workout partner

We all need someone to keep us accountable for our fitness goals. Working out with someone else is more fun and makes it harder to bail on those rainy days.

Haven’t found that ideal workout buddy yet? Ask at the YMCA how personal training sessions can help you train for that next race or just show you some new exercises.

4. There’s an app for that (of course there is)

There are plenty of cool fitness apps to help you challenge yourself and track results. Search online for the best ones, or find out what apps your friends are using so you can create some friendly competition and compare results.

5. Try a something new

Make variety part of your fitness regime. Your local YMCA has a plethora of classes to try out, including yoga, pilates, barre fitness and aquafit. At the Tong Louie YMCA in Surrey they even offer Zumba ® and Cardio Kickboxing classes!

Not comfortable in the pool? The Y includes free swim lessons for all ages, included with every membership.

6. Get some new tunes

Recharge your playlist for fall. Remember that cheesy song that motivated that character from your favourite summer movie? It could work for you as well! Just don’t sing along with it; no one at the gym needs to hear what’s on your headphones (or your singing voice!).

Hopefully you can take a few of these tips on board and move your workouts inside when the rain hits Vancouver. Then again…it is just water. Why not embrace it? Invest in some rain gear and don’t change anything. While you’re getting soaked, you can feel sentimental about the water shortage we had in the summer.


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