6 online tools that make this whole adult thing easy

Oct 12 2016, 6:31 pm

No one teaches you how to be an adult. One day, you just become one. And along with that, there’s a lot to figure out along the way.

Thanks to developers and innovators from all industries, there are tons of tools available that can make the transition a whole lot easier. From buying groceries to managing your investments, here are six great tools to help with (almost) every part of adulthood.

Grocery Shopping

Between racing home from work and rushing to meet friends, no one has time for grocery shopping. Unfortunately, this can mean spending lots of money at restaurants or on takeout. Sites like Grocery Gateway in Ontario and Spud in BC and Alberta will deliver groceries straight to your door, making it easy for you to whip up dinner in your precious few spare minutes. You can also pre-order your produce, which is handy during especially busy weeks.


How to manage your personal finances is the thing we all wish we were taught in high school. With BMO SmartFolio, investing is made simple and affordable. It only takes $5,000 to get started and offers big savings on fees. You answer a few questions online and they match you with a model portfolio based on your goals. From there, expert portfolio managers manage your portfolio, so you don’t have to. Plus, it’s available on any device, so you can easily review your investments’ performance at a moment’s notice.

Job Hunting

Craigslist might be the best place to find a bookshelf, knick-knack, or an odd-job. A career? Not so much. Instead, search Indeed.ca for opportunities near you or Idealist.org for careers in the non-profit sector. These sites can learn your search patterns, recommending jobs related to your interests when they appear. Besides these two, don’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn. Keep your profile updated and the site will suggest job openings you can apply for. 

Cooking Healthy Meals

Don’t let yourself get stuck cooking KD every night. Yummly has an extensive database of recipes to search through. Save your favorites to your account or add their ingredients to an in-app shopping list at the touch of a button. This smart program will learn from your search history to recommend recipes suited to your individual lifestyle over time, making it even easier to decide what’s for dinner.

Making To-Do Lists

According to Forbes, Asana wants to be an “office management tool on steroids.” It can also be really useful in your personal life. This task manager is a digital dashboard for any and all projects you’re working on. You can create different projects — for work, school, or personal use — with various tasks in each of them. From there, you can add them to a calendar, assign deadlines, tag them, or start conversations with Asana members on the same project, among other features. Ditch the pen and paper and keep your to-do list with you at all times.

Maintaining Your Car

For those of us who own a car or dream of car ownership, there’s more to owning a vehicle than making monthly payments. You need to think about gas, maintenance, repairs, and more. Many sites and apps like aCar will help you monitor the health of your car as well as how much its costing you. Enter your car’s make, model, and year, then let the app track how much you’re spending on gas and when your next maintenance check is due. For cost-conscious consumers, aCar can even tell what sorts of tax refunds you might qualify for, should you use your vehicle for work, volunteering, or other eligible activities.