6 outrageous ways to get through the mid-afternoon slump

Sep 18 2020, 8:08 am

The ripple effects of the pandemic have reshaped a multitude of things that were once fixtures of our daily lives. In an unprecedented way, we’ve been compelled to transform our homes to serve every aspect of our lives, from home offices to home fitness studios.

One thing, however, remains eternal: the afternoon slump. The enduring solution to this dilemma, too, is to have a repertoire of things you can treat yourself to for all your hard work.

Reese Canada understands that the mid-afternoon slump is real and recently endeavoured to bring outdoor workers across Canada a sweet afternoon pick-me-up. Since everyone deserves to enjoy unlimited access to the kitchen snack cupboard (especially if you can’t work from home), a drone-operated Reese Outrageous Flying Snack Cupboard touched down to bring a few lucky workers an afternoon treat: the new Reese Outrageous chocolate bar.

With many working from home lately, it’s never been easier to reach into the snack cupboard or to take a break and soak in the comforts of home. We’ve all been working hard, and sometimes a little ‘me time’ in the middle of the day is exactly what you need. That’s why we’ve put together a list of outrageous pick-me-ups you can turn to when you need a reprieve from busy workday afternoons.

Snack on a Reese Outrageous

The Reese Outrageous bar has the best of everything — think creamy peanut butter, caramel, and Reese’s Pieces coated in milk chocolate. It’s the perfect treat to get you through the workday and something to look forward to when the afternoon slump is in full effect.

Make an afternoon mocktail


Those hour-long video calls just got a whole lot more interesting. Try simulating the fun of happy hour with an afternoon mocktail during your nine to five — a virgin caesar, paloma, or mojito will likely do the trick. When in doubt just reach for the soda water and cut up some fresh fruit for a refreshing beverage. Once the clock strikes five, you’ll be free to turn your mocktail into a real cocktail.

Set aside time for yoga or meditation


Setting aside just a few minutes to collect your thoughts and meditate — or strike a few yoga poses — can work wonders. There’s a good chance you’ll find your energy levels are restored or that you can approach the rest of your workday with a sense of renewal. Since you’re at home, might as well make the most of your ability to move around or find a few moments of contemplation.

Take a bubble bath

Working from home has to have some perks, right? Why not take advantage of the unrestricted access you have to your bathtub all day. Give running yourself a warm bubble bath on your lunch break a shot; it’s the closest thing you can get to a mid-day trip to the spa.

Wear fancy clothes around the house

Let’s be honest, we’re using the word “fancy” loosely here. Dressing up to work from home, by our standards, can just mean changing out of your sweatpants. That said, sometimes putting on a nice outfit (even if there’s nowhere to go) can have a remarkable impact on your state of mind and self-esteem.

Call a friend for a virtual dance party


If it feels like your vantage point is getting a little stale, you’re not alone. Ring up a friend on your break to commiserate, do a little stretching, or have a full-blown dance party. You’ll have everyone on your next conference call wondering where you got your energy from.

The new Reese Outrageous bar is the epitome of treating yourself. Keep your snack cupboard stocked with these babies and kiss the afternoon slump goodbye — forever.

Head to your nearest grocer to get your paws on one (or five) today, or visit the website for more details on what Reese Canada is cooking up next.

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