6 activities guaranteed to relax even the most stressed-out Vancouverite

Dec 19 2017, 8:45 pm

There’s so much that takes a toll on us emotionally, mentally and physically. If your boss is driving you crazy, or you’re fighting with a family member, or things aren’t going so well with your significant other – you’re not alone.

Sometimes we just need well-spent time to ourselves to unwind and de-stress. Breathe. There’s an answer. These six activities are guaranteed to relax you before you lose your mind:

1. Read a book or write in a journal

Get into your comfortable bed and settle into a great book, or write in your journal. It’s important to get away from screens – so no phones in sight and no TV in the background, please. Just focus on what you’re reading (or writing) and lose yourself in thought. Both reading and journaling are very relaxing, therapeutic activities.

2. Get an ayurvedic massage

Any massage will relax you, but especially an ayurvedic massage. This type of massage uses warm oils as an ultimate relaxation method, and the most de-stressing part is the fact that it includes a scalp massage. Scalp massages are especially therapeutic because of the heightened sensation that comes with having your head massaged. There are many nerve endings in the head, and a head massage therefore releases feel-good hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. It is common to go into a trance during a head massage – that’s how relaxing they are.

3. Float in sensory deprivation tank

Float tanks are all the rage these days. They’re all over Vancouver, and they are often used as a form of assisted meditation because they remove all your senses and allow you to shut out the rest of the world. As you float in a sensory deprivation tank, you’ll have absolutely no life demands for 90 blissful minutes.

4. Listen to a calming podcast

There are plenty of podcasts that are anti-anxiety themed, promoting visualization, deep breathing and relaxation. Some of them encourage you to visualize yourself in a peaceful environment, and others are hypnosis podcasts that slightly alter your state of consciousness. Listening to one of these in dimly lit room can be a great way to de-stress.

5. Get some fresh air

Getting fresh air is a fantastic natural remedy for stress. Studies have shown that spending time in nature is linked to happiness, higher self-esteem, and a reduction in depression and anxiety. Vitamin D is also an important natural component for de-stressing.

6. Exercise

Stress-busting workouts in the form of group fitness classes are sure to put you in a great mood. Gyms such as Gold’s Gym offer group fitness classes which involve both cardio and strength, accompanied by feel-good music, and they’re perfect for stress. Exercising will release mood-enhancing endorphins, so that you feel happy and calm afterwards.

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