Best Buy is currently hiring 50+ positions, from UX to software development

Aug 5 2020, 1:42 pm

Finding meaningful work can positively impact your life in a multitude of ways. While working to pay the bills is a necessary reality for many among us, building a career in which you can apply your skills can lead to increased fulfillment and overall improved quality of life.

If you’re thinking of taking steps towards discovering your dream job, there are a few things to consider, like which sectors and industries are currently in demand, in addition to which employers are reputable and offer a work environment with a great culture. Jobs in the innovation and technology sphere, for instance, are particularly booming and in need of skilled professionals in all kinds of capacities.

Electronic retailer Best Buy Canada is currently hiring more than 50 digital and technology-focused positions. Hundreds of new positions have been added to the technology and eCommerce teams over the past few years, and the teams continue to grow. The company is always in search of talented individuals to help them reimagine and improve both their in-person and online consumer experiences.

If you’re interested in continuing your career in this industry, it’s a great time to consider taking your career to the next level at Best Buy Canada.

These opportunities include multiple positions available in software development, dev ops, infrastructure, experience design, data analytics, and digital merchandising, to name a few.

User Experience (UX) Design is a discipline that is particularly thriving as many companies seek to improve their entire customer journey and website experience. At Best Buy Canada, you can expect strategy, vision, and customer journey to be integral to the position. The opening is also a great opportunity for digital designers, content strategists, and UX writers looking to grow their careers as mentorship and professional development resources will be provided.

On the other hand, if software development is more your jam, there’s an equal amount of opportunity. If you’re a logical thinker that loves algorithms and computer science, a Software Developer position could be the right fit. On the daily, you can expect your work to include front and back-end development and creating technology solutions in a team environment that considers winning and losing as a team a part of continuous improvement.

Best Buy Canada’s technology and digital retail teams are constantly growing in response to evolving customer preferences. Finding innovative individuals that can assist in creating a seamless online and in-person customer experience is of major importance. The work environment helps teams build communities of practice and specialized disciplines. 

The company has built a reputation for creating ideal working conditions and careers for its employees. Those efforts have been recognized nationwide as Best Buy Canada was recently nominated as one of Canada’s Top Employers. As an omni-channel award-winning retailer, it is also an online leader that depends on its professionals to drive innovation every day.

Best Buy Canada’s ethos revolves around empowering its teams to make smarter, faster, and more creative decisions. This is part of what motivated the company to transform its digital retail and technology teams to operate in an Agile environment to focus on autonomous teams and recognizing the value in their daily efforts.

Teams are encouraged to consider how they can make a difference within the company. Failing, they recognize, is also an important and human part of the process of working in an environment in which people are quickly learning, creating, and developing.

One thing is for sure: those looking to drive innovation and tackle big problems on the daily are likely to thrive among the company’s growing workforce of talented technology and digital professionals.

Interested in pursuing a career in digital and tech? Visit Best Buy Canada’s career centre and LinkedIn for a full listing of available positions and to discover what life at the company is like.

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