5 wedding guest don'ts

Dec 19 2017, 4:40 pm

‘Tis the (wedding) season, and you’ve likely got at least one marital celebration on the books this summer. A lot of planning goes into making a wedding a memorable event and part of the event’s success relies on you being a good guest.

Here’s a list of definite wedding guest don’ts:

1. Don’t be late

Come on guys, it shouldn’t be that difficult to be on time, especially for an event that you’ve likely known about for the past year. Try not to schedule anything else that day and make sure you give yourself ample time to primp, travel to the venue, and get parked, if necessary. There’s nothing more distracting to a ceremony or reception than someone walking in late. Your friend or family member invited you because you mean something to them and hopefully they mean something to you, too. Do everyone a favour and get your butt in your seat with time to spare. It’s the respectful thing to do and you won’t miss the stunning bride’s (or groom’s) walk down the aisle!

2. Don’t reorganize the seating chart

If you’ve had a wedding, you’ll know that mapping out the seating chart is one of the more painstaking tasks. Making sure both sides of the family are equally considered, ensuring there’s no bad blood between anyone at the same table and trying not to offend those placed at the back of the room are all headaches that the couple has to endure during the process. So, showing up and taking it upon yourself to start reorganizing the plan because you don’t like your seat or because you want your friend from a different table to sit with you is not an option. Sit where you’ve been placed and slap a smile on your face. You’ll get your chance to make your own seating plan one day.

3. Don’t talk during speeches

Yes, sometimes wedding speeches can drag on, sometimes there are way too many people lined up to toast the happy couple, and sometimes you can barely hear what’s being said BUT that doesn’t give you the right to start chatting. It’s disrespectful and causes a major distraction. Allow the newlyweds to revel in the glory of the words dedicated to them. It’s not often in life that we have people lined up to talk about us. You’ll get your chance to chat until your heart’s content later in the evening.

4. Don’t abandon your drinks

We get it, it’s an open bar and you don’t have a care in the world. Well let’s be clear, whoever is fitting the bill for that open bar is on the verge of a jammer watching as you walk away from your half consumed beverage as you head to the bar for another. If you were reaching into your own pocket, you would make damn sure that your bevie was sipt right to the bottom, so try to do the same when you’re not the one forking over the dough. It will keep the bar costs down for the couple and we’re positive it won’t take away from your fun.

5. Don’t eat and run

Yes, a free dinner is awesome, but that’s not why you’re there. Hopefully you came to celebrate with your friend or family member and you should do just that. A lot of planning and money goes into a wedding and it’s disheartening when it’s finally time to hit the dance floor and celebrate and half your guests have up and left. Even if dancing isn’t your thing, do your best to stick around and enjoy yourself. It’s the one day your friends have asked you to dedicate to them and they deserve a full house.