5 creative ways to use sriracha mayo to upgrade your favourite meals

Dec 1 2020, 5:22 pm

Over the years, sriracha has quickly ascended the hot sauce ranks and become a kitchen mainstay.

As any home chef or foodie will likely point out, the addictively spicy sauce is even better when mixed with mayonnaise for a richer texture that can upgrade just about any meal. Most recently, with the discovery of Lee Kum Kee’s sriracha mayo, never again will you have to worry about nailing the consistency of your home mixtures.

The sauce is creamy with a slight tang and kick of spice, making it ideal for getting more of the flavours you love without packing too much heat. As we approach the peak of comfort food season, there’s no doubt we’ll be reaching for the bottle to enhance our favourite dishes (especially if you’re tired of cooking the same ol’ WFH meals).

Here’s a look at some of the top recipes we’re looking forward to dipping, drizzling, and spreading this new staple sauce onto.

Tuna maki rolls

Whether you’re looking to punch up takeout sushi or are bravely endeavouring to make your own at home with the help of some nori (dried seaweed), sticky rice, tuna, and sesame seeds, drizzle some sriracha mayo on top for a truly heavenly combination. If you’re making the sushi yourself, you could also try marinating the filling in sriracha mayo before rolling it up.


There’s nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a juicy burger — sauce dripping down your chin and all. Next time you’re grilling a (veggie or meat) patty, do yourself a favour and spread sriracha mayo on the bun for an adventurous take on a classic. Pair it with toppings like crunchy Asian slaw and cilantro for a complex but complementary flavour profile. Bonus points if you fry up some diced sweet potatoes for side dipping; the flavours are a match made in heaven.

Fish tacos

In our households, taco night isn’t reserved for just one day of the week. And when it comes to fish tacos, in particular, the warm tortilla, the crunch of cabbage and breaded cod, and that zest of citrus can only be made better with a kick of Lee Kum Kee’s sriracha mayo. For extra spice, add the sauce to the fish batter before frying.


Yep, that’s right — you can add sriracha mayo to any meal of the day, including breakfast. Make yourself an elevated frittata in just a few easy steps. Crack yourself a couple of eggs, whisk gently, and cook in a non-stick pan. Add a little finesse with your favourite ingredients, but donā€™t forget to drizzle sriracha mayo on top for that extra wow-factor.

Fried chicken

Sometimes, there’s nothing more satisfying than indulging in takeout from your favourite fried-chicken joint. Except, next time you do, you can delight in busting out the sriracha mayo to take it to the next level.

Staying true to its mission to make authentic Asian flavours accessible, Lee Kum Kee is the purveyor of over 200 sauces and condiments worldwide. Next time you’re perusing the sauce aisle, you can pick up a bottle of their latest sriracha mayo creation.

You can also follow @LeeKumKeeCanada on Instagram for more inspiration on how to kick up your meals.

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