5 Vancouver bands with awesome music videos

Dec 19 2017, 4:25 pm

Vancouver is the home to a lot of great live bands, but how do their videos measure up? Here’s a quick look at some that caught my eye. I’ve put this list together using the rule that it can’t be more than a year old. Hopefully you’ll hear something or see something new. If you like the bands, please check them out. Your likes, shares and comments are always appreciated. Here are five awesome videos, in no particular order.

1. Said The Whale – I Love You

When I first went to watch this I thought I was in the wrong place. You’ll understand when you click play. Super catchy tune that will put a bop to your stride. Great band that show how fun they are with this action-packed video.

[youtube id=”3nIzMeDc9vk”]


2. The Pack A.D – Positronic

This is such a wicked tune. One of them hooks that you’ll be humming and air-drumming to at work. Video concept seems like it could have come before the song. Perfectly-matched.

Side note: The Pack A.D. have an awesome teaser trailer online called “Needles,” I’m really looking forward to see what they have in store. Check it out.

[youtube id=”l_VZxw1ZjvM”]


3. Mother Mother – Bit By Bit

Another super-solid tune from Mother Mother and an awesome video to boot. Some really sweet transitions and very cool effects in this.

[youtube id=”rIkYgTRnrO8″]


4. The Zolas – Escape Artist

A beautiful song that conjures up ideas of what the video is about, but takes a wonderful, unexpected twist which flips the meaning of escape artist. Great idea and so beautifully filmed, very cinematic.

[youtube id=”XLyz5TssWHo”]


5. How To Dress Well – & It Was U

I can’t really sum this up any better than the top vote comment on YouTube “PRINCE + JAMES BLAKE HAD A BABY I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THAT WAS POSSIBLE WOW SCIENCE HAS COME SO FAR” Yes, all in caps lock. It’s such a beautiful video, the tones, the characters, the story. Well worth 3 minutes 11 seconds of anyone’s time.

[youtube id=”6tKyMDwWNnA”]


Know of any other Vancouver bands with awesome music videos?

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