5 tips for tech-savvy brides

Dec 19 2017, 6:34 pm

As a tech-savvy bride we get that you want to stay up-to-date on all the latest trends, but don’t fall victim to rookie mistakes that can easily be avoided.

With advice from everything from communications to stationery, here are our top five tips to help tech-savvy brides get ready for their big day:

1. Don’t go 100% digital with your stationery

Image: rose save the date / Flickr

Image: rose save the date / Flickr

Online wedding invites are on the rise. Sure, digital invites are easy, convenient and you’ll even save a few trees, but there’s just something special about a tangible invite that you can hold in your hands. It’s also important to be mindful that not all your guests will be as tech-savvy as you are, particularly those your grandparents’ age. If you dig the digital thing, we recommend a combination of online and printed stationery. Consider a digital save-the-date for example, but opt for a printed invite suite with then option to RSVP via phone or your wedding website.

2. Know the difference between pinning and planning

Addictive? Definitely. Productive? Up to a point. It’s easy to get carried away pinning wedding inspiration on Pinterest, but at some point you need to stop, curate the best pins to hone in on your vision and start sourcing decor and florals to bring your vision to life. If you get stuck at the curation phase, consider working with a planner and / or decorator to help you with the process. 

3. Over-communicate your wedding #hashtag

Image: Twitter on phone / Shutterstock

Image: Twitter on phone / Shutterstock

You’ve probably had your wedding hashtag picked out months before your big day, so how lame would it be if nobody remembered to use it? Make your hashtag memorable and over-communicate it on the wedding day through signage and your MC to remind your friends and family to use it with all wedding-related snaps.

4. Order wedding gifts and accessories online early

As a tech-savvy bride you’re probably pretty much a professional online shopper. But, since it’s not every day that you’re ordering wedding-related swag, make sure that you research and verify the quality of goods from the sites you’re ordering from, and be careful with incurring high shipping costs and duty. Most importantly, if you’re ordering bridal party gifts and accessories online, ensure the ETA is weeks prior to the wedding. You don’t need the added stress the week leading up to your wedding, wondering if your bridal jewellery will arrive on time.

5. Give yourself a digital detox on your wedding day

Image: Wedding guests / Shutterstock

Image: Wedding guests / Shutterstock

This is a must for all tech-savvy brides! Sure, social media is great, but it’s crucial to unplug from technology and focus on experiencing the day. Your family and real friends should be at your wedding in-person anyway so why not actually engage with them, in real life. Trust us, you’re going to remember turning it up on the dance floor with your besties rather than posting wedding day selfies to social for your 900+ Facebook “friends” to see.