5 tips for staying vegan in college

Dec 19 2017, 9:26 pm

There are plenty of stereotypes when it comes to vegan college students, but more often than not they don’t turn out to be true.

Sure, being a vegan college student can be pretty high maintenance. After all, it’s tough to uphold your diet when late-night Papa John’s pizza and cookie dough ice cream show up at your front door.

So to help you ease your struggle, here are five tips to help you keep to your vegan diet while in college.

1. Do your research

We’ll give you a pass on the books – you don’t need to hit the library and flip through countless pages of scholarly reviewed journals. Thanks to the holy power of that thing called Google, you can find virtually anything online. Peruse the latest vegan food blogs and websites and you might just find that learning about this lifestyle can be super fun. Try making a list of vegan restaurants you’d like to visit and a list of vegan products you’d like to try out. You’ll be surprised by how diverse this lifestyle is. From mac n’ cheese, ice cream, omelettes (yes, vegan eggs exist,) to cheesecake, there’s a vegan product to replace many of the regular food products you enjoy.

2. Be your own chef

It’s time to step up your culinary game. Learning your way around the kitchen and not burning down your house isn’t just about veganism, it’s a life skill. It might be a little tricky when it comes to cooking in college since students don’t always have access to a proper kitchen. But a microwave, portable electric stove, or blender can work super well if you refer to Google for some guidance. Discover endless possibilities in that tiny dorm room and foster your otherwise oppressed creativity you’ve gained since becoming an adult.

3. Veganize your meals

You can almost always veganize your meals when eating out. Most restaurants are more than willing to accommodate dietary needs, so don’t be afraid to ask. However, try to do your research beforehand to avoid being “that vegan” who only orders salads or sits in the corner with a depressing cup of water. Look up the menus and check if vegan options are available. If not, and worse comes to worst, the HappyCow app will come to your rescue. It will help you find nearby vegan noms so you can satisfy even your fiercest cravings.

4. Eat your veggies and fruits  

This one started to feel redundant as early as our childhood days. Instead of reaching for that evil packet of Oreos when late-night cravings creep up, try snacking on some fruits and vegetables. Better yet, make your own frozen banana ice cream! Fruits and vegetables are naturally high in water content so they’ll give you the same satisfaction without sacrificing the nutritional values or your taste buds. Plus they require minimal to no preparation, which is perfect when you’re constantly on the studying grind.

5. Reach out

Last but not least, surround yourself with like-minded people. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are awesome resources for inspiration and finding your own community. Don’t be afraid to connect with people online, be open-minded, and adventurous. Try attending events that cater to your lifestyle and interests. Go to meetups using the Meetup app, or better yet, join this year’s Veg Expo on April 24. Veg Expo is Canada’s premier sustainable vegan and vegetarian event that connects the benefits of living a plant-based and sustainable lifestyle. Come down for a day full of great vibes, stimulating conversations, and vegan feasting.

Veg Expo at Canada Place

Image: Veg Expo

Image: Veg Expo

When: April 24, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Where: 999 Canada Place

Price: Ticket prices vary, click here to buy online

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