5 tips for enhancing your productivity this school year

Sep 9 2020, 1:04 pm

School can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re starting a new grade, degree, or program. One thing that’s key to student success is productivity.

Contrary to popular belief, productivity doesn’t come naturally to very many people. Ask any student and they’ll likely tell you that they have learned how to maximize their productivity through many years of practice and trial and error.

The empowering thing about this is that you can apply certain tips and tricks to maximize your effectiveness. It’s in there, lurking in each of us, and applying it to your studies and school assignments can yield incredible results — all you need are the right tools.

As thousands of students across the country prepare to embark on a new (and unprecedented) year of learning, we’ve rounded up some of the best tips and tricks for flexing those productivity muscles.

It’s all about timing

This school year, take some time to get to know and understand your energy levels. It’s natural for everyone’s energy to ebb and flow throughout the day, and knowing when it peaks can help you leverage both your productivity and creativity.

Do you feel most energized in the morning, followed by an afternoon slump? Then it’s probably best to get your work done bright and early, rather than forcing yourself to be productive in the afternoon when your eyelids are heavy. The same applies for all the night owls out there — use your biorhythm to your advantage and do some brainstorming or assignment work before bed.

Get the right laptop

Whether you’re back in the classroom or learning from the comfort of home, your laptop is going to be a central component of your studies — and it should be designed to move with you, wherever you are.

When inspiration strikes, you’ll want a laptop like the HP ENVY that allows you to create on-the-go and share your work with ease. Its design is stylish enough to be an extension of your fall wardrobe, while its 88-degree, wide-angle webcam will make you a video chatting all-star among your teachers and classmates.

It’s designed for multitasking, so you can edit, research, vlog, or pull an all-nighter to get that paper done. It’ll even recharge faster than you do with its Fast Charge capabilities that go from 0-50% in 45 minutes, so you never miss a beat.

Find a creative outlet

Productivity comes in all different forms. While getting ahead in your school work is important, making time for extracurriculars is a critical way to decompress and utilize a different part of your brain. Picking up a creative hobby — like a musical instrument or photography — is a great place to start.

There are many different avenues for you to express your creative side, and each has the capacity to transform your view of the world and allow you to approach your school with more rigour. The trickle-down effect of indulging a creative hobby is it’s likely to subtly change your approach to your studies and schoolwork in unexpectedly imaginative ways, which can help increase your productivity when you go back to learning.

Hit the break(s)


The tricky thing about productivity is that it can’t always be summoned on a whim right when you need it. Thankfully, it’s something that can be replenished, and one of the best ways to renew it is by taking a break and getting inspired.

While we often think of watching movies and reading books as leisure activities, they also can be actively engaging. Find things — whether it’s listening to music or drawing — that ignite that spark of inspiration within you before doing your schoolwork. With the bright and 4K Ultra High Definition touch display of the HP ENVY, you can also find inspiration at your fingertips and showcase your creations with true-to-life colour and detail.

Change of scenery

It’s remarkable the impact your environment can have on your productivity levels and ability to learn. If your environment remains static, it’s likely your imagination will, too. 

Next time you’re not loving how that book report is going, consider changing up your vantage point. Sit outside in the park or switch up your home workspace so it looks and feels different. These small changes can be like hitting the refresh button and can reinvigorate your approach to your assignments.

With the HP ENVY, creative possibilities are infinite. This sleek and modern laptop is always ready for inspiration, on-the-go, anywhere, and anytime creativity strikes. Its lightning-fast connectivity, speedy memory, storage, and hefty battery life make it the ideal laptop for back-to-school.

You can learn more about how the right laptop can enhance your productivity by visiting HP Canada today.

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