5 things that happened in tech this week

Dec 19 2017, 9:30 pm

It’s 2015 and the thought on everyone’s minds (at least those dominating the tech world) is what the year will bring us. 2014 saw the release of the long anticipated iPhone 6, security breaches from celebrities to Sony and what is now known as the infamous “Instapurge.” From wearable tech to cars that drive themselves, we’re ready for you, 2015.

CES opens its doors at the Las Vegas Convention Centre

The annual convention kicked off in Las Vegas on Tuesday and gave techies all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to be excited about. Virtual and augmented reality, such as Oculus VR began making waves in 2014, but it’s about to get a whole lot realer and makes its way into the mainstream. Noteworthy mentions include: sensored yoga mats, curved televisions and the smallest laptop in the world.

Connected cars

Cars were a hot topic at CES with Ford opening the convention as the initial keynote speaker. According to Ford, smart cars with internet access will collect data in the future to adapt to road conditions, help find parking and even customize insurance for drivers. But that’s not all. Mercedes Benz unveiled their utterly futuristic Luxury in Motion “car of the future.” Think: sleek silver metal on the outside, spacious and comfortable interior akin more to a lounge than the traditional automobile and a car that drives itself. So kick back and enjoy a cocktail. Or two. Can the future come faster?

Smart cycles

This one if for all the avid Vancouver cyclists out there. Cyclists and road safety is a topic that Vancouverites are no stranger to. This year is looking to tech to help cyclists stay safe. Volvo has developed a prototype helmet that warns vehicles when they’re too close to a cyclist and alternatively, lets cyclists know when they are in a car’s blind spot. Goodbye shoulder-checking. Just kidding, my car is driving itself.

Worrying about your bike being stolen even when you lock it up? According to CES, bike pedals will have built-in sensors to detect when someone nabs your bike and can report where it’s been taken. Think of that handy Find My iPhone app and apply it to your bike. Now if only I could apply it to my life.

Tech laws in 2015

Revenge porn. We said that right. Revenge porn, the act of someone sharing private intimate photos or videos, will be deemed a criminal act extending even to sharing someone’s selfies. We sure hope JLaw can find the criminals that exposed her in 2014 and reprimand them for their actions in 2015. Don’t mess with the Mockingjay.

Apple Watch

The elusive Apple watch is set to finally make an appearance after much anticipation and hype surrounding the latest piece of Apple technology. Wearable technology, besides bringing out the inner James Bond in all of us, is shaping up to be one of biggest tech trends in 2015. Although, instead of shooting lasers, it will more likely be updating you how many Facebook likes your post is getting or that your mom is calling.

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