5 things NOT to do the week of your wedding

Jun 22 2016, 11:15 pm

Every detail has been perfectly plotted and you couldn’t be more excited to say ‘I do’. Now, it’s time to lay low and hope that nothing pops up that will interfere with your wedding day vision. To ensure you approach the day without any hiccups, here are five things not to do the week of your wedding:


Bright red, peeling skin, and awkward tan lines anyone?

We didn’t think so, and that’s why we’d suggest staying out of the sun or tanning beds the week before you walk down the aisle. If you want to ensure a sun kissed glow, opt for a spray tan, but make sure you go a couple of days before your wedding to avoid that awkward orange look. No one wants to be an Oompa Loompa either!

Dangerous activities

Everyone’s familiar with the old saying, ‘break a leg’, but we don’t mean that literally.

Since holding a bouquet with crutches in tow would prove to be fairly difficult, we’d suggest opting out of that tackle football game. And make sure you remind your groom to play it safe too, that suit might be a little snug over a full body cast.

Cut or colour your hair

We’ve all come home from the hair dresser in tears at least once and that’s why the week before your wedding is not the time to try out a new hair cut or colour. Keep things status quo for your I do’s and if you’re inclined to do something drastic, wait until after the wedding.

Bachelor/bachelorette party

We understand that there are exceptions to this.

Maybe you have guests coming from out of town who you want included, but definitely don’t leave your bachelor or bachelorette party to a few days before your wedding. We’ve heard ample stories of brides (actually, mostly grooms) who are so out of commission the day before their wedding that they end up being zero help.

And trust as, as organized as you are, there is always running around to do.

Walk in your wedding shoes for the first time

Please don’t leave your wedding shoes in the box until the week of or even worse, the day of your wedding!

You want to make sure you’re going to be able to last the day in those puppies so take them for a few test drives around your house during the lead up to the big event. That way, you can break them in as much as possible and make sure you have blister band aids on the spots you know are going to be tender ahead of time.

Content published by Dene McKay and Chelsey Perrella, co-founders and party rockers of Best Day Ever Creative Events; a Vancouver-based boutique wedding and event planning company with a focus on doing things a little differently.

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