5 Sense-ible Tips to Cope With a Wet June

I really hoped that I wouldn’t be having to write about how to cope with rain in June here in Vancouver, but as we are facing what may turn out to be to be B.C.’s coldest June, sharing a couple tips seems like a good idea.

My 25 years in Vancouver have taught me to plan my day carefully when the birds are silent and the rain is loud in the morning, and I want to share some of these to keep everyone smiling even when mother nature is not.

Be Thankful!

First off, we need to be thankful that we have the rain. When it is pouring, take a walk by the beach. An interesting calming effect happens as you watch the rain meeting the ocean.

The 5 Senses can help us escape our damp moods


A small investment into aroma therapy is good. I find the grapefruit smell invigorating. If aroma therapy purchases are either out of your comfort of financial zones, you can just purchase some grapefruit body wash. The scent is energizing and tropical.

My personal favorite  is a quick whiff of sunscreen as it will bring back your best beach memories.


Hot tubs and saunas at community centers also are great for those wet and stormy nights and provide a safe and masculine alternative to tanning salons.


I find that reggae really helps brighten my mood when it is dark outside. The carefree Rasta man vibrations can turn put the groove into your winter funk and transport you from the cold streets of dripping leafless oak trees to warm islands of swaying palm trees.

Lighting, lighting, lighting!  Lots of lamps should be the mantra of anyone aggressively fighting seasonal affective disorder. I find that placing lamps in the corners of a room is a great way to lighten your house and brighten your mood on days where it is very dark at 5:30pm… IN JUNE .

Spice is nice! Eat Mexican, Thai and other warm cuisines as much as possible. Not only will the fragrant spicey bouquets engage the senses, but if you go out to eat their restaurants will also usually transport you from a rainy mundane sidewalk to a sun kissed destination near the equator.

I recommend putting a combination of hot sauce and lemon juice on everything from avocados to lentil stew. In Vancouver the Warehouse and Chronic Tacos are great places to unwind and transport yourself to the South Pacific.

Also, an ice cold coconut water (readily available in 500mL cans) or a delicious fresh mint tea (a handful of mint leaves in boiling water) can help start or end your day with a smile.

Stay positive, and tweet your secrets to seasonal sanity to @thepaulcurran and leave them in the comments below 🙂

Photo Credit: http://vancouverlimoblog.com


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