5 semi-truck rollovers at South Fraser Perimeter Road intersection

Dec 19 2017, 7:33 pm

Delta Police are investigating a series of semi-truck rollovers on the new South Fraser Perimeter Road (Highway 17) at the intersection of Highway 91.

Since the $1.26-billion road opened in December 2013, there have been five rollover incidents in the area. However, the cause is believed to be relating to road design and engineering and not speed.

The road has a speed limit of 80 km/h, but the incidents have been low speed rollovers while the trucks challenge the curve and slope going on and off Highway 17.

The design of the intersection could also be a contributing factor that amplifies the other factors involved in the rollovers.

“In and of themselves, the rollovers do not usually result in any significant injuries to the truck drivers, particularly if they are wearing seat belts,” said Delta Police in a statement.  “However, the possibility exists that if the issue is not meaningfully investigated and addressed, at some point one of these trucks will roll onto a passenger vehicle, likely resulting in significant injury, if not fatalities. Several of the trucks have rolled in to dedicated bicycle lanes.”

The Delta Police have submitted their concerns to the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and have been advised that the government is conducting a review of the incidents and road design. The new highway is 4 lanes wide and 40 kms long and has 15 overpasses and 3 interchanges.

The South Fraser Perimeter Road was built to provide commuters and commercial vehicles with more and quicker options to get around. Using the new road, travel time between Highway 1 and both Deltaport and Tsawwassen ferry terminal is now less than 30 minutes – half of the travel time using Highway 10. It is a vital component of the government’s Gateway strategy of moving port trucking traffic.


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