5 cozy spaces to embrace 'Raincouver' while staying dry

May 30 2018, 10:49 pm

The rainy season has come — in fact there’s a rainfall warning in effect right now.

And as any real Vancouverite knows, it’s not going away any time soon. We don’t call it Raincouver for nothing!

But between complaining about the weather and reaching for that umbrella, we all know deep inside that we love this city: rain or shine. And for those of us faint of heart and not ready to tread out into great outdoors in this darn weather, here are a few spots with incredible interiors that will make you appreciate this cozy season in a whole new way.

See, the rain isn’t so bad!

A cute coffee shop

A hot drink and a rainy day go hand in hand. We highly recommend this spot in Burnaby, La Forêt, if you’re looking for a space that truly embraces the outdoor-indoor experience. Often referred to as an “oasis”, this hot spot interior utilizes lots of natural toned woods, focal greenery displays, and twinkle lights that allow for visitors to feel elements of the outdoors with whatever weather is thrown our way.

La Foret/RAW Interior Design

The library

Something about going to the library on a rainy day always seems to be a good idea. The Vancouver Public Library downtown not only has a calm, cozy and peaceful environment, it offers so many seats along the window sides giving visitors the option to enjoy being in a warm indoor space as the rain inevitably continues. Grab a coffee downstairs or across the street before settling down and you’ll definitely find yourself embracing Raincouver.

VPL Central / Paul Joseph

A cozy restaurant

Embracing Raincouver with a slightly larger budget is also a good idea, if your wallet can handle it. Try La Terrazza in Yaletown to be engulfed by a beautiful, Italian space that feels warm and welcoming. With a traditional design approach alongside traditional and delicious food, you may even forget about the weather outside. Warm lights and dark wood and seating makes for a dining experience that will evoke a much needed cozy and comforting feeling.

La Terrazza / chainedesrotisseurs.com

A brewery

If a rainy day puts you in the mood to grab a few drinks with friends or family, why not venture out to a local brewery? Scattered all across the city, Vancouver offers so many unique breweries that allow for a rainy day retreat of good food, tasty beer, and usually a pretty cool interior. A great example is the Strathcona Brewery on East Hastings Street. The modern interior creates a beautiful backdrop for the food and popular beers their customers love, as well as a lively escape from the possible downpour outside.

Strathcona Brewery / Foodgressing

The spa

Treat yourself! Steady rain can take a toll on just about anyone and leave us feeling down in the dumps. Sometimes all we need is a little pick me up, and what better way than a trip to the spa? With many to choose from across the city, you’re bound to find one perfect for you. For example, Vida Spa is loved by many and has locations in both Vancouver and Whistler if you’re looking for a bit more of a getaway. Their interiors are warm and cozy with rich tones and materiality.

Vida Spa – Westin Bayshore

All in all, the rain isn’t so bad, is it? There are so many solutions to make the most of it, or if you’re the kind of person who can get down in the dumps over some bad weather, throw on a coat and some rain boots, head to one of these locations, and you’re good to go.