5 Healthy Lunch Options at UBC's Point Grey Campus

Dec 19 2017, 6:24 am

Whether you’re one of 56,000 students or one of 14,000 employees who make the trek out the UBC’s beautiful Point Grey campus, at some point, you’ve probably been caught making this exact complaint during your lunch hour: “There’s no healthy food on campus.”

Well, after reading this, you won’t be able to use that excuse anymore. (You’ve been warned!)

Since we can’t all just wash down veggies from Granville Island Produce with Vitamin Water, and since, in good ol’ Vancouverite spirit we like supporting local businesses, here are some healthy recommendations for lunch while you’re at the UBC campus. (Especially now that The Pendulum has closed during SUB renovations.)


1. THE DELLY  (@ the SUB)


If you can resist the temptation of ordering an apple crumble square, a brownie, or (and?) a greasy samosa, The Delly is the place to get your healthy lunch fix. Stacked in the fridge, you’ll find well portioned and delicious ancient grains salads – for under $3. Try to avoid the sandwiches and wraps (boo, cheap bread and high calorie tortillas) and reach for a curry quinoa, chickpea, or tabouli salad, instead. (And trust me, that little container packs a big punch; you’ll be satisfied for hours.)


2. RASOEE (@ the Village)

rasoee logo vancouver indian restaurant

You may have noticed a few locations scattered throughout the Lower Mainland – well, Rasoee has recently moved into UBC, too. Offering adapted traditional Indian dishes for a North American palette, the steamy, spicy, dishes really hit the spot (especially on a rainy day). Plus, Rasoee offers gluten-free options. Your tummy will thank you (though be prepared to spend a bit more than at most lunch spots on campus).


3. ONE MORE SUSHI (@ the Village)


It may not be the best sushi in the city, but sushi is sushi – and it’s always good for you (so long as you avoid tempura and mayonnaise-slathered rolls). Since it’s in the Village, line-ups tend to be relatively shorter during lunchtime. (Suggestion: A couple of spicy tuna rolls and a futomaki roll should get you through your day.)




UBC Food Services’ chef Steve Golob develops dozens of new healthy menu items every year for the Vanier Place dining hall. Golob creates healthier versions of our favourite (and typically, unhealthy) comfort food dishes – take for instance, his chicken soup with local UBC Farm kale, and his whole-wheat macaroni and cheese).


5. POINT GRILL (@ Marine Drive Residences)


The Point Grill is alright if you have a bit more time to sit down (and on a warm day, this means patio). While not everything on the menu is super healthy (it is a ‘grill’ after all), there are decent healthy options. Consider ordering the wild salmon or the soup of the day. Their feature salads are also particularly delicious (think: chestnuts, apples, spinach, feta, cherry tomatoes, with a bit of raspberry vinaigrette – on the side, of course).


And remember, avoid simple carbs midday to stay alert longer. Aim for more protein instead, especially if you have late-night classes or are married to your office past sun-down.


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