5 expensive wedding planning mistakes to avoid

Aug 5 2016, 10:30 pm

We all know that weddings are expensive, but understanding where spending can unnecessarily get out of hand can help keep costs at bay. Here are 5 wedding planning mistakes to avoid:

1. Trying to do it all yourself

A lot of brides think that if they do everything themselves, they’ll save money. This isn’t necessarily true. Unless you’ve planned a wedding before, this is likely your first time exploring florals, decor, venus and DJs. A wedding planner knows the industry and knows which vendors to turn to for the best prices. In the end, having a wedding professional on your team can actually help save you money.

2. Choosing florals that are out of season

If you care about your pocketbook, insisting on incorporating flowers that are out of season is just silly. You’ll end up spending much more than you need to without necessarily achieving a much better aesthetic than you could have with in-season florals. Let your florist know which flowers you like and allow them to suggest alternatives that will achieve a similar look at a fraction of the cost.

3. Inviting too many guests

You need to draw the line somewhere. A never ending guest list will only affect your bottom line and will cause you to have to compromise in areas that might be more important to you, like food or decor. Talk to your fiance and agree on a cut off that you can afford without leaving out important people.

4. Not setting a budget

Not setting a budget is a huge mistake because you can so easily get carried away and not even realize how much you’ve spent. Decide on a number that makes sense for you and track your spending along the way. You’ll be thankful you did when you still have money left for your down payment post-wedding.

5. Not identifying your priorities

Unless you have an unlimited budget, you likely can’t have it all. Decide which areas of your wedding are most important to you and allocate the majority of your budget accordingly. If food is the most important, you may have to go with more minimal decor or a less expensive wedding dress.