Order 5 of your favourite Thai dishes for $55

Jun 7 2017, 6:35 am

It’s too hot to cook and you’ve decided you’re eating out.

You want something delicious that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. You want Thai food. You want your favourite dish and something new because tonight, you’re feeling adventurous.

And luckily, Pink Elephant Thai has you covered.

The Alberni Street Thai restaurant is offering up a massive deal for lovers of dining out, and it means that you can order five different dishes for just $55.

It’s the perfect excuse to go on a date or catch up with your friends and family over dinner. Seriously, you get to choose two appetizers plus three main courses. That’s a lot of tasty food, so you’ll likely want to share.

Here are five divine Thai dishes that you need to try at Pink Elephant Thai.

Green curry

The right amounts of everything. Order yours with a choice of beef, chicken, or vegetarian, and indulge.

Cashew nut stir-fry

Pair your order with chicken, beef, or have it all-vegetarian style. Go nuts, it’s the toughest decision you’ll have to make during the whole meal.

Crispy tofu

So good, they’re golden.

Pad kee mao

Made with Thai chilli pepper and fresh basil, this dish definitely has an inviting ‘eat me’ aroma.

Thai shrimp cakes

Homemade shrimp cakes with a salad garnish that you’ll want to finish.

Pink Elephant Thai/Pink Elephant Thai Vancouver

Remember to dine in soon, because this incredible deal is only available for a limited period. And while you’re there, you can enjoy a $25 wine special to share with friends featuring wines like Cono Sur and Farnese Fantini.

For more information and to see more drool-worthy foodie photos, check out Pink Elephant Thai on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Pink Elephant Thai – Alberni

Where: 1152 Alberni Street
Contact: (604) 646-8899
Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:30 am – 10 pm

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