5 alternatives to the classic wedding cake

Dec 19 2017, 5:59 pm

Traditional wedding cakes are beautiful, but for some couples they just don’t cut it. If you’re not a fan of the old fashioned approach here are five alternatives to the classic wedding cake:

1. Assorted pies

Nothing says comfort food quite like a homemade pie. So why not adorn your dessert table with a smorgasbord of various pies and let your guests go to town? We love The Pie Hole or The Pie Shoppe where you’ll find some amazing, out of the box flavours.  

2. Donuts 

Donuts are so much fun and there are endless ways to display and serve them. From mini donuts on skewers to full-sized goodness stacked to mimic a cake, these sweet treats are the perfect grab-and-go option for wedding guests. Some of our favourites come from Cartems and Lucky’s.  


3. Sundae bar

Who doesn’t love to build their own sundae? Order a few large tubs of your favourite ice-cream and collect an assortment of candy and toppings and your guests will have a blast assembling their own ice cream creations. You can’t go wrong with Earnest Ice Cream at the heart of your sundae.

4. Cheese cake

Do you lean more towards the savoury side of after dinner fare? If so, a great alternative to the classic cake is to assemble an assortment of your favourite cheeses and stack the wheels (from largest at the bottom to smallest at the top) to make your very own ‘cheese cake’. Serve with crackers and other charcuterie favourites and your guests won’t even miss the sugar.

5. Stacked crepe cake

Care for a little French flare? Crepes are tasty and unique and can be stacked high on a cake stand for guests to grab and enjoy. Serve with a dusting of icing sugar or add to a sundae bar to really take things up a notch.