Aspiring film-makers: The DOUGLAS is hosting a 48-hour film challenge

Mar 1 2019, 2:19 am

Aspiring film-makers: Take note.

The DOUGLAS is hosting a 48-hour film challenge from March 15 till 17, and it could finally be your big break.

Hotel exterior/The DOUGLAS

If you think you’re up to the task of creating an eight to 10-minute short film in the span of 48 hours, on a specific theme within the DOUGLAS, Autograph Collection in Vancouver, then they are calling your name.

Teams will be asked to arrive empty-handed and will be tasked with manipulating a small budget to rent film gear, actors, and edit equipment to complete their films within 48 hours.

Sound easy enough? Great, but here are the terms.


Each five-person team must designate a specific role for each member ā€” and each role comes with responsibilities that only the member is allowed to perform:

  • Director: Casting, directing, maintaining a shot list
  • Director of Photography: Renting gear, setting up shots and lighting, running the crew, maintaining a shot list
  • Producer: Budgeting, casting, communicating with the Executive Producer
  • Writer: Writing the dialogue
  • Editor: Managing and editing footage

Once the short films are completed, three industry judges will evaluate the films to decide on an overall winner, which will be announced at an awards ceremony on March 17, at 8 pm at the DOUGLAS.

The winning team will receive an Independent Filmmakers’ Production Package of gear, including a camera, lens, and tripod, an audio recording package, and a lighting kit, as well as the distribution of their short film on the hotel’s independent film channel. It will also be shown on Marriott’s Convention and Resort Network Show page.

Vancouver-based teams, if you think you’ve got what it takes, apply now via their website. Applications are open until midnight (PT) on March 11, so get in quick!

The DOUGLAS 48-Hour Film Challenge

When:Ā March 15 till 17

Where:Ā The DOUGLAS ā€” 45 Smithe Street, Vancouver

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