40 needles found near North Vancouver bus stop over last month

Dec 19 2017, 1:50 pm

North Vancouver RCMP are issuing a public warning after receiving complaints of needles dangerously discarded in a public space.

Over the past month, police say about 40 sharps – the medical term for needles or syringes – were found near a bus stop at the intersection of Lonsdale Avenue and Queens Road in North Vancouver’s Upper Lonsdale neighbourhood.

Police are very concerned over the apparent disregard for public safety someone has by discarding their sharps in this manner, reads a statement by North Vancouver RCMP’s Cpl. Richard De Jong. Used needles and other sharps can be dangerous to people and pets if not disposed of safely because they can cause injuries and spread infections.

The needles can be used to manage medical conditions such as diabetes and allergies, but they can also be used to inject illicit drugs.

Those who use such needles at home, at work, and while traveling should always dispose sharps within a sealed disposable container, which can be returned to distribution sites or placed in the garbage when full.

Needles should never be thrown into public trash cans or recycling bins as it places sanitation workers, janitors, housekeepers, household members and children at risk of being harmed.

Anyone who is accidentally stuck by another individual’s used needle should wash the exposed area immediately with water and soap or skin disinfectant such as rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer. They should also seek urgent medical attention by calling a physician or local hospital.


Feature Image: Syringes via Shutterstock