4 ways The Price is Right Live is just like the TV show

Dec 19 2017, 11:10 am

The Price Is Right has always been must see TV for anyone home on the couch on a weekday morning. Stay-at-home parents, hookie-playing 7th graders, and accountants with influenza have all dreamed of coming on down, guessing a number and winning a Jetta.

Vancouver, now is your chance to make this dream a reality. The Price is Right Live is in town for a limited run, and tickets are going fast! Whether it’s at the River Rock or at the fabulous new Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam, here are four ways the experience is an authentic one, trumped only by the Bob Barker studio in Burbank. 

1. Audience members can “Come on Down!”

As with the real show, names are called and audience members ecstatically jump from their seats down to Contestants Row. If you’re lucky enough to be chosen, make sure you’ve been in a store lately and know how much things cost. Just like the ruthless TV contestants, you can feel free to bid $501 over your neighbour’s $500. You’re not here to make friends!

2. The games are identical.

The set pieces are no fakes. You get to see the real Plinko, the real Punch-A-Bunch, and the real yodeling dude ski off the edge a pointy Alp during Cliff Hangers. The Big Wheel looks straight out of the show, especially when you’re looking at the monitors flanking the stage.


3. You can guess the actual retail price of some unique products.

Again, if you’re serious about this and want to succeed on the Price is Right stage, do some studying at your local grocer. Check the going rate of pickles, crunchy peanut butter and detergent. Swing by the pharmacy if you haven’t bought a litre of Pepto in a while. Memorize the cost of a Hot Dog Cooker that grills the wiener and browns your buns all at once (wait… that’s a thing?!).

4. You get a second putt on Hole in One (or Two!).

The poor soul who ends up in the nerve-wracking situation of having to sink a putt in front of an audience. Oh the pressure! Luckily, they’ll give you a second go at it if you miss. And luckily for lefties, they have lefty putters available.

What’s your favourite part of The Price is Right? The models? The refrigerator/freezers? Share your nostalgia below.  

The Price is Right Live

July 10th @ 8:00pm, July 11th @ 8:00pm, July 12th @ 2:00pm & 8:00pm, July 13th @ 2:00pm
River Rock Casino Resort
8811 River Rd, Richmond

July 17th @ 8:00pm, July 18th @ 8:00pm, July 19th @ 2:00pm & 8:00pm, July 20th @ 2:00pm
Hard Rock Casino Vancouver
2080 United Blvd, Coquitlam

Buy tickets here. Actual retail price: $29.50 + fees.