4 Ways to Hold Onto Your Happiness

Dec 19 2017, 12:03 pm

This fear of losing happiness shows up everywhere! It shows up in our dating lives; we begin to feel that connection and then we worry that something may happen to ruin it. When we finally land that dream job we worry that they won’t like us or they may change their minds about us. These fears can be endless and they can prevent us from experiencing the joy that is meant to be ours. We all strive for ‘feeling joy and happiness’ yet this nagging fear gets in the way of fully feeling that excitement we deserve to feel.

When you start to hear that dreaded “don’t get too excited!” voice inside your head, here are 4 ways to hold onto your happiness.

1. Opportunities are endless

If that relationship didn’t work out it does not mean there will not be another opportunity. If that job didn’t pan out it does not mean that there will not be another option. If you believe opportunities are unlimited you will create more opportunities for yourself easily and effortlessly.

2. Your value is not determined by the outcome

If you tie your inner value to the outcome of an external event you will forever be riding the emotional roller coaster ride of highs and lows. Believe that you are enough and your value has no connection to the external world. That relationship ending doesn’t mean that you’re not worthy of love or that lost job opportunity does not mean you aren’t a valuable employee. Just means it wasn’t the right fit!

3. What is meant to be will be

It’s important to know that the right opportunities will show up for you if you stop resisting the ones that don’t work out. If you take on the perspective that things are working for you and not against you then your disappointments won’t cause you too much disappointment.

4. Allow yourself to be EXCITED AND SHARE IT!

Spreading your joy, true joy, is infectious. Everyone wants to be around it and feel it. It’s inspirational and gives hope to those who don’t always see the hope. When we share our stories of excitement it allows others to see whats possible for them!

Fear has a way of creeping up into every nook and cranny of our lives. It’s good to be aware of where it shows up so you can realize that it’s just fear and not the truth speaking to you.

 Written by Kiran Chatha, guest contributor at Vancity Buzz. Connect with Kiran on Twitter @liveyou111.