4 tips for decorating using new and vintage items

Dec 19 2017, 4:56 pm

Some people just have and eye for mixing vintage charm with modern pieces in one room without creating the feel of being stuck in a glitchy time portal. If you aren’t one of those people and require slightly more guidance when trying to combine old and new looks in a small space, then The Find, a boutique in Kits that curates new and vintage furniture and home decor, may be a good place to start.

The Find carries vintage items sourced in a variety of ways, although mainly through consignment. With many one-of-a-kind pieces, antique furniture, shabby chic furniture, French country furniture, chandeliers, vintage dishware, fine art photography, mirrors and pillows, the vibe is  definitely “eclectic.”

Leanne Low, owner of The Find, offers these four tips for decorating a small space without it feeling crowded.

Keep the palette light

You can always accent with a pop of colour by means of throw pillows and decor items that can be switched up easily and inexpensively.


The use of accessories is a great way to decorate and add character, however, most people go overboard. Keep them to a minimum and showcase only a select few.

Mix old and new to add character (The Find)

Mix old and new to add character (The Find)

Vintage adds character

Vintage pieces tend to have character that new pieces sometimes lack, and they also tend to be well made. The old saying “they don’t make things like they used to” can be very true.

Find a balance

New and vintage pieces go quite well together when creating an eclectic space as long as you keep in mind contrast and balance. A couple of examples would be pairing a vintage table with a new modern vase and/or a new contemporary desk with a great vintage chair.

A great chair can enhance a room (The Find)

A great chair can enhance a room (The Find)

The Find

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