4 ways the Samsung Galaxy Watch made us feel like a high-tech superhero

Oct 16 2018, 10:15 pm

It’s 2018, and we all carry around tiny computers that let us order fast food and pull up cute dog videos whenever we want.

Oh, and they all come with built-in clocks.

But for a modern wristwatch to catch your attention, it would have to do something pretty special. And luckily enough for the Samsung Galaxy Watch, it does all that and more. By marrying classic wristwatch design with some truly sci-fi technology, Samsung hasn’t just given you the opportunity to have a new accessory.

They’ve given us all the chance to feel like a superhero. Here’s how.

It greets you when you wear it

Samsung Galaxy Watch/(Image by Mike Sholars, Daily Hive)

This is a small detail, but it’s representative of the level of care and charm that you’ll find across the entire Galaxy Watch experience. Once you remove your Watch from its (wireless!) charger, the watch face glows green, says “Hello,” and greets you with a smiley face.

Like a companion in your suit of cybernetic armour, you’re never alone when you’re wearing your Watch. From updates on the weather to an accurate step counter (complete with notes of encouragement when you’ve been walking at a brisk pace), you’re always being pushed towards accomplishing your goals for the day by a helpful piece of technology.

It tracks your heart health

Using a sensor built into the underside of the watch face (the part that’s pressing against your arm anyway), the Galaxy Watch can track your heart rate BPM as often (constantly) or as rarely (never) as you like.

It activates through motion controls

Samsung Galaxy Watch/(Image by Mike Sholars, Daily Hive)

To save on battery life (the Galaxy Watch can go three days without charging, which we put to the test after misplacing the charger over a weekend), it has a simple but cool feature that we want to see in all tech going forward: It activates out of sleep mode when you turn the watch face towards your own face.

So, once again, you feel like a tech wizard that brings a tiny screen to life just by looking at it. So cool.

It speaks to your Android phone to become a genius

The Galaxy Watch works perfectly fine on its own; it has a hefty amount of internal RAM (1.5GB and 4GB of internal memory to be exact), it’s WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled, and you can even access the Samsung Store from the Watch’s home screen. But if you want the full experience of feeling like you’re plugged directly into the internet itself, you need to pair it to your phone (Android, with iOS compatibility coming soon) or roam phone-free with the LTE version, which is now available in Canada.

Suddenly you can accept calls with the flick of your wrist, browse your contacts by twisting the Watch’s bezel, and sync your daily steps, BPM, and floor-climbing total to your fitness app of choice — or for a completely seamless experience, try the Samsung Health app, built directly into the Galaxy Watch.

So if you’re ready to marry your sense of style with your secret superhero ambitions, check out the Samsung Galaxy Watch and embrace a modern twist on one of the oldest devices in the world.

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