30 Bottles of Craft-It-Yourself Wine for $79

Dec 19 2017, 7:28 am

Vancouver’s “Greenest City 2020” initiative is a great idea. Our city leaders have started us on a path to becoming the world’s greenest city. In as little as seven years, we have a big task ahead of us and we’ve all got to pitch in if it’s going to be a reality. We’ve got to think globally and act locally, reduce our carbon footprint, reuse what we can and recycle the rest. Sustainability is the key.

Now hold on, here’s where it gets commercial.

Right now, Purple Castle Brewing is offering a deal on 30 bottles of craft-it-yourself wine from their Vancouver location. How is this good for the environment? Fair question. First off, you’re getting your delicious wine close to home from a sustainable business. Less distance to travel means less carbon in the atmosphere, and it is evident that we could all use the help. It’s refreshing to see that you can help make a difference in the local and global environment. Speaking of refreshing, the craft-it-yourself wine from Purple Castle Brewing is a refreshing beverage, with splashes of fruit that make it the perfect choice for the spring and summer.

Second, you can bring in your own bottles. Got a bunch of old bottles sitting around? Reuse them! Studies have shown that nearly 40% of the carbon footprint from a bottle of wine comes from the bottle itself.

And third, you can show your less than eco-conscious friends that environmentalism can be fun. In fact, it can get you buzzed! Of course, if you don’t have 30 bottles sitting around, you can always purchase reusable bottles on site for $1 each.

If this is the sort of thing you like, then you’re going to really enjoy this. It’s only $79 through SocialShopper right now and, like we said, it’s 30 bottles of delicious wine. Enter our special promo code “wine” for an extra $10 OFF, too. You can stock your wine cellar, give wine for every conceivable holiday this year, or throw an amazing party this summer. Just remember to clean up any litter afterward, and bring those bottles back to Purple Castle Brewing for more!

View the deal here: www.socialshopper.com/vancouver_2641.


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