3 artists from Vancouver transform Marley Coffee through art and design

Dec 19 2017, 11:01 am

What started out as somewhat of a passion project, turned out to be exactly what Vancouver artist Mista Hindz hoped for.

With Bob Marley being Hindz biggest inspiration, he decided to pay homage and respect by creating a massive mural of Bob in his Vancouver work studio. That’s where two local artists, Marsk Jespersen and Simon Beach came in to place. Marsk being a graffiti artist and Simon being a graphics designer.

Hindz, Jespersen and Beach planned to create something purely from the heart and good vibes. The project took them two full days, and by the end they truly had a masterpiece.

Mista Hindz captured the whole experience and put it back out into the world in a unique visual that soon caught the attention of Cedella Marley. “Big Ups Mista Hindz!!! ” she thanked and gave respect for the project. Hindz thanks David katz for making that link happen.

Several months later, the three artists find themselves in Denver, Colorado, at Marley Coffee’s brand new headquarters. It’s a beautiful creative office space, but it was missing one thing: the same vibe they created back in Vancouver.

Marley Coffee owner Rohan Marley let the boys get straight to work, and the transformation took a week to create. They completely transformed the office through the use of art and produced several commercials and advertisements for the company that are currently being displayed at Major League Stadiums.

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