25 adoptable pets in Metro Vancouver looking for a home for the holidays

Dec 6 2018, 5:26 pm

As Christmas approaches, the season of giving grows closer.

While it may be tempting to want the cutest little puppy or kitten on the market — or the internet — there are so many more great and compassionate options beyond buying one at a pet shop.

With so many animals at BC shelters and rescues just waiting to be someone’s Christmas wish come true, adopt one and put a beautiful smile on their furry face.

Check out these cuties looking for a family to spend Christmas (and the rest of their lives) with:



Tom is an energetic and handsome little fella. He LOVES long walks then post-walk snuggles on the couch. He prefers an adult-only home, but might be okay with older teens. Check him out at BC SPCA or email [email protected]¬†to book a time with Tommy.


Duke/Home At Last Rescue

Duke. What a name huh? He’s a 2 and a half-year-old¬†Yorkshire Terrier/Havanese cross. Don’t let this furball foul you, he may be calm but once you throw a ball, he’ll be on that faster than me at a Lululemon sale! Spend some time with Duke at Home at Last Dog Rescue.


Gage/Regional Animal Protection Society

Gage may look scary, but he’s the complete opposite. This seven-month-old Rottweiler puppy is a big softie at heart. He’s very well trained and knows all the basic commands. He loves playing outside and is very good with other puppies, both big and small. He lives at Regional Animal Protection Society¬†but is looking for a yard of his own to run around in.


Richard/BC SPCA

Richard. His name is Richard. Something about a pet having extremely generic human names makes me so happy, and happy is how Richard will keep you. This 13-year old is such a gentleman and a definite old soul. He loves to sit and cuddle on the couch with his companion and his constant purring will let you know how he feels about you. Book a visit with him today at BC SPCA.


Bentley/BC SPCA

Are you into running, hiking, or any outdoor activity? Of course you are. You live in Vancouver. Luckily for you, Bentley here loves getting outdoors and being active. Due to his background of living on a tether, in mud, he could use a refresher lesson in manners but worry not, he’s a very quick learner! Check Bentley out at¬†BC SPCA or email [email protected].


Nova/Regional Animal Protection Society

Nova is a gorgeous tortie who would love a quiet space to cuddle up to her new family. She loves day-time naps in cat trees but will surely come out to say hello. Nova is at the Regional Animal Protection Society.


Pudding/Regional Animal Protection Society

Chin scratches galore. This seven-year-old kitty named “Pudding” loves full-body rubs, belly pets, and definitely some good ol’ chin scratches. He’s a very loving kitty who loves to just chill and hang out with his owners. He’s a big boy that loves kids so he’s the perfect pet for a young family. Check him out at¬†Regional Animal Protection Society.


Shakira/BC SPCA

Shakira, Shakiraaaaa. This oh-so-sweet girl is also oh-so-tiny and loves to cuddle. She enjoys being at home and relaxing with her owners. She may be shy at first but definitely warms up after a bit. Just take a look at those EYES and imagine seeing those every time you come home from work. Puss-in-boots vibes, amirite?¬†Check her out at BC SPCA or email [email protected]¬†to book a time with Shakira.


Chilli/ BC SPCA

Chilli is two-year-old¬†¬†Rottweiler/Great Swiss Mountain Dog mix and is definitely a chill dog. He’s great with kids and other doggy friends, but not so much with a feline in the house. He’s house trained, quiet at night in his kennel, and would LOVE a large fenced yard to run around in. If you think this handsome hound is right for your family,¬†email [email protected]¬†to meet him.


Lucy/Home At Last Rescue

She’s small but mighty. Lucy here is a three-and-a-half-year-old purebred Chihuahua who’s looking for a new home. She’s not housetrained yet so she’s gonna need some time and an owner to work with her to learn. Her size makes her too small for homes with other tiny humans but Lucy would thrive with some loving adults.¬†Spend some time at Home at Last Dog Rescue¬†and she’ll have you saying “I Love Lucy” in no time.


Luna/Saints Rescue

Luna is a stunning Kelpie/Husky mix with some emotional, social, and behavioural issues but is committed to working through them. She’s an energetic pup with a real love for the outdoors. Her condition makes homes with children hard for her to adjust so an adult-only home would be best suited to her. Luna resides at Saints Rescue¬†and is excited to meet her new owners.


Marin/Saints Rescue

Marin has had an extremely hard life. She lost her twin running stray in Surrey for two years. She’s not very socialized to people but she’s got a lot of love to give to someone who’s willing to take the time to grow closer to her. She’s with the great people at¬†Saints Rescue¬†but wants to find a home for the holidays.


Nikki/Regional Animal Protection Society

Nikki is a sweet kitty with nothing but love to give. She loves to roll around and surprisingly, she loves being spoken to (because who doesn’t enjoy a compliment or two). She’s a beautiful white coat and loves being the centre of attention. Nikki is at the¬†Regional Animal Protection Society¬†and is waiting to spend the rest of her life with a great family.


Chilko/Home At Last Rescue

Who’s the most handsome dog of them all? Chilko for sure. This big ol’ goofball is just here for laughs and great times. He’s an energetic pup who loves outdoor walks and definitely some hikes. He was found as a stray and his current family don’t have a yard for him to run around in. Email¬†[email protected]¬†to book some time to play to Chilko.


Gus/Home At Last Rescue

This adorable little guy is¬†a two-year-old Cavalier King Charles/Spaniel. Gus loves being the apple of his human’s eye and is used to a lot of attention. When he’s not chilling in bed, nothing makes him happier a long walk in the park or fetching a ball. He’s at¬†Home at Last Dog Rescue¬†right now but is ready for his new family.


Zephyr/Home At Last Rescue

Meet Zephyr, he’s a year and a half-year-old¬†Shepherd/Ridgeback/Lab mix with so much energy and spirit. He’s friendly and outgoing, and evidently loves hiking and outdoor adventures. He loves making new friends and is a big ladies man. Have some fun with him at¬†Home at Last Dog Rescue¬†and see if he’s the right fit for your family.



Chai is a beautiful cat with an even more beautiful tortoiseshell coat. She was a great mother to her litter but much prefers being the only cat in the house. She loves a soft bed and a can of her favourite wet food. Schedule a visit with Chai at¬†BC SPCA or email [email protected].


Marlo/ BC SPCA

Marlo is a marvellous little pupper who needs a special home with only adults in the home. He can be very reactive but responds really well to positive reinforcement (I mean, there’s not a lot I wouldn’t do with the promise of a wagyu slider). He’s a great puppy and deserves the right environment to grow and learn. Check him out at¬†BC SPCA or email [email protected]¬†to schedule some time to play a game of fetch with him.


Andy/Saints Rescue

Andy is a puppy mill survivor who is working on trusting humans again. He’s made great strides in treatment, however, still needs a little bit of work. Ideally, Andy needs a human that’s older and not as energetic, perhaps even a retiree that will take the time to trust him, and as well as give him time to trust you. He’s living at¬†Saints Rescue¬†right now, but he longs for a home to call his own.


Missy/Saints Rescue

Missy is a friendly little girl who was openly surrendered when her owner went into long-term care. She loves belly rubs and playing in a cat tree. Book some time with her at  Saints Rescue.


Ruby/Home At Last Rescue

Ruby here is the most clever little doggo! She loves food and will eat almost anything (Ruby and I aren’t so different huh?). She’s got some great party tricks too! She can shake a paw, roll over, even speak if she’s rewarded with food (same though).¬†Home at Last Dog Rescue¬†loves having her around but she needs a big yard to play with, with a big family too.


Dobby/Home At Last Rescue

Dobby is a gentle, sensitive dog with above average intelligence and energy. He’s a¬†Whippet/Saluki mix so he’s very sleek and stylish. This little guy LOVES to pose for cameras too. Dobby would need an adult-only calm home without too much high-anxiety. That being said, he loves to go on nature walks and hikes as well. Check him out at¬†Home at Last Dog Rescue.

Snow White

Snow White/BC SPCA

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them? Snow White duh (that’s how the line goes right?) This little furball is so small but is almost a full grown adult. She’ll have her new family laughing and playing with her endlessly. She still very much acts like a kitten and she knows it! Grab the fam and go see her at¬†BC SPCA.


Patches/Home At Last Rescue

Patches is covered in patches, it’s what makes her so unique. She views her family as her own pack and will stick to them at every opportunity. She’s a velcro dog. Patches is a great dog for a home with adults or older teens. She’s really friendly but won’t back down if provoked by another dog. Check her out at¬†Home at Last Dog Rescue.


Boomer/Saints Rescue

Though his background and breed are unknown, Boomer is from up North and LOVES to roll around in the snow. He’s a loving dog but isn’t totally comfortable around young kids yet. He’s ready for his Christmas wish to come true and leave¬†Saints Rescue¬†for a forever home, and more importantly, a forever family.

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