The 2022-23 NHL standings as predicted by oddsmakers

Sep 15 2022, 5:29 pm

The NHL season is right around the corner, with the race to the top of the standings sure to be as crowded as ever. has released its season point total over-unders, providing a gauge for how well each NHL team is expected to do over the regular season.

The defending Stanley Cup champion Colorado Avalanche lead the way with an over-under of 111.5 points, while the Toronto Maple Leafs lead the Eastern Conference (and all Canadian teams) with a 107.5 over-under.

Taking that data, we’ve compiled each over-under, and sorted it into a predicted standings ranking. For teams that were tied in predicted point total, we used last season’s standings as a tiebreaker.

Three Canadian teams are projected to not only make the playoffs this season, but to have home-ice advantage in the first-round of the playoffs: Toronto Maple Leafs, Calgary Flames, and Edmonton Oilers.

Meanwhile, the Vancouver Canucks, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, and Winnipeg Jets are all projected to miss the postseason entirely.

Western Conference predicted standings

Stake’s odds posit that the Avalanche are eight full points ahead of their next competitors in the Western Conference.

Seven of the eight teams from last year’s playoffs are expected to be back, with the Vegas Golden Knights taking the place of the Dallas Stars.

  1. Colorado Avalanche, 111.5
  2. Edmonton Oilers, 103.5
  3. Calgary Flames, 102.5
  4. Minnesota Wild, 99.5
  5. Vegas Golden Knights, 97.5
  6. Nashville Predators, 96.5
  7. St. Louis Blues, 95.5
  8. Los Angeles Kings, 95.5
  9. Dallas Stars, 94.5
  10. Vancouver Canucks, 92.5
  11. Winnipeg Jets, 87.5
  12. Seattle Kraken, 81.5
  13. Anaheim Ducks, 80.5
  14. San Jose Sharks, 74.5
  15. Chicago Blackhawks, 66.5
  16. Arizona Coyotes, 65.5

Eastern Conference predicted standings

Stake’s over-under point total actually predicts the same eight teams to qualify for the playoffs once again, but in a different order than last year.

The Leafs, who finished second in the Atlantic Division last season, are projected to top the Eastern Conference.

There are some interesting storylines to take a look at though: three Atlantic Division teams are slated to top the conference, while the Senators’ 86.5 projection is nearly seven full wins up from their 73-point campaign from a year ago.

  1. Toronto Maple Leafs, 107.5
  2. Florida Panthers, 104.5
  3. Tampa Bay Lightning, 103.5
  4. Carolina Hurricanes, 102.5
  5. Pittsburgh Penguins, 101.5
  6. New York Rangers, 99.5
  7. Boston Bruins, 95.5
  8. Washington Capitals, 95.5
  9. New York Islanders, 93.5
  10. New Jersey Devils, 91.5
  11. Ottawa Senators, 86.5
  12. Detroit Red Wings, 84.5
  13. Columbus Blue Jackets, 79.5
  14. Buffalo Sabres, 77.5
  15. Philadelphia Flyers, 77.5
  16. Montreal Canadiens, 71.5

First-round playoff matchups

If the above standings prove to be correct, here’s how the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs will look:

Western Conference

Central Division
(1) Colorado Avalanche vs (WC2) Los Angeles Kings
(2) Minnesota Wild vs (3) Nashville Predators

Pacific Division
(1) Edmonton Oilers vs (WC1) St. Louis Blues
(2) Calgary Flames vs (3) Vegas Golden Knights

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division
(1) Toronto Maple Leafs vs (WC2) Washington Capitals
(2) Florida Panthers vs (3) Tampa Bay Lightning

Metropolitan Division
(1) Carolina Hurricanes vs (WC1) Boston Bruins
(2) Pittsburgh Penguins vs (3) New York Rangers

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