2013 Year In Review: Funny Stories

Dec 19 2017, 9:13 am

Every once in a while, we’ll post up a story that mocks the Vancouver way of life. Naturally, there will be many who lack a certain type of sense of humour and will scream  bloody murder. However, the vast majority appreciate a little humour in their life – these stories are for those individuals.

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1. Vancouver Girls in a Nutshell

Vancouver girls

A humorous take on stereotypical views of Vancouver girls and their respective neighbourhood. And yes, Gastown is supposed to be one word.


2. So I Dressed up as Vancouver Woman for Halloween

One man decided to get creative this Halloween. He took various stereotypes of a Vancouver woman and made it into a costume.

dress up on halloween


3. Bed in a bathroom for rent in Vancouver

$500 a month to live in a bathroom. Only in Vancouver.


4. Vancouver Guys in a Nutshell

Vancouver Guys in A nutshell

Naturally, a retort had to be made in response to the original version made specifically for women.


5. What Google Thinks of Vancouverites

According to our internet overlords, we are snobby, unfriendly and rude. Some how complainers, self entitled was not at the top of the list.


6. UBC is Hogwarts

The awesome tumblr, #WHATWESHOULDCALLUBC, came out with 11 reasons why UBC is actually Hogwarts.


7. Real Map of Vancouver

Real Vancouver Map

Do you live prefer to live iin the land of tattoos and skinny jeans, whilst sipping a mocha served to you buy a barista who could care less if you came in or not. Perhaps lesbian hipsters is more your cup of tea?


8. ICBC’s Rejected Vanity Plates List

69 NE1? This and many, many more suggestive vanity license plates were rejected by ICBC.


9. Conversations With My Two Year Old

Actual conversations with a two year old, played by a fully grown man. Comedic gold.


10. East Vancouver Rad House

East Van Rad House

Quite possibly the most East Vancouver house ever listed on Craigslist.

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