2011 Predictions for Metro Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 4:46 am

2010 was a great year for Metro Vancouver, well Vancouver, Richmond and the North Shore to be more accurate (Olympic venue cities). However, now everyone is wondering what’s going to happen in 2011. Here are our predictions:

  1. The HST will still be hated and remain the most misunderstood tax in the nation. Ontario gets it, what’s wrong with BC’ers?  The referendum will be a giant waste of the very tax dollar people are complaining about.
  2. A new 100 floor tower will be proposed in Surrey. Mayor Dianne Watts will give the same old speech that the “Future Lives Here” and Surreyites will get excited. The next day Vancity Buzz will slap them all back into reality. 6 months later, the project will be canceled.
  3. Robson Square will be undergoing renovations.
  4. Mayor Robertson will propose bike lanes for Main Street, Commercial Drive, Fraser Street, Victoria Drive, Cambie, Granville, Oak Street, Broadway, Denman, Georgia, Hastings, Renfrew, Rupert Street etc… work will miraculously commence the next day
  5. Hipsters will remain hypocrites, continue to live off their parents money and accuse hard working individuals who accumulated wealth of being corporate sellouts.
  6. Vancouver still won’t have an official New Years Eve Celebration.
  7. Drivers in Richmond will still have trouble parallel parking.
  8. A coffee shop will be opening up at a corner near you.
  9. Vancouver Canucks will win the Stanley Cup, Robson riots ensue.
  10. @MichaelTao will run a sweatshop out of his Yaletown Condo.

If you have any predictions yourself, please feel free to add them via comment.

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