2010 Olympics Securtity to Cost $1 Billion

Dec 19 2017, 11:46 am

Did anyone believe the original measly budget of $175 million anyways. You would have to be an economic and financial retard to think we could have provided decent security at that cost.
Everyone and there grandma knew that it would be around a $ 1 Billion dollars. Heck even that economic/financial midget writing for Beyond Robson new that $175 million was too low.So now we have a rumoured revised security budget of $1 billion. This is to be split 50/50 between the provincial and federal governments. Let the asinine news commentary begin. The same media, including some social media type that called the Olympic Village a $1 billion crisis are probably the same ones that will scream blood murder on this.

Lets go back to the coverage of the Olympic Village. The issue was NOT covered as being a victim of the world-wide credit crisis. Instead the media and the current dickheads in city hall used it as a political ploy to attack the NPA, Sam Sullivan, the Olympics in general, and of course the much beloved P3 partnerships.Very little attention was paid to what was going on in the world. A murmur here, a murmur there. Well I guess I shouldn’t expect too much from a city full of complainers and whiners.

Now back to security. This is one expenditure I don’t mind, as public safety is a main concern. Besides maybe this will keep those anti-Olympic retards off the streets as well. You had your say, no one but your merry band of douchebags give a shit about your lazy Utopian dreams. So go fuck yourself.

photo: The Province

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