20 years later: Linden smashes Norton through the glass

Dec 19 2017, 3:09 pm

Twenty years ago, we witnessed one of the most spectacular hits in Canucks history. 

No, I’m not talking about the time that the Canucks’ Robin Bawa shattered the glass on his own in 1992.

I’m talking of course about the time that Trevor Linden sent Jeff Norton through the glass at the Pacific Coliseum.

First, a quick history lesson.

One year after losing game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, the Canucks were up against Mike Keenan and the St. Louis Blues. The Blues were heavily favoured, finishing with the second best record in the Western Conference, while the Canucks finished sixth.

The Canucks had most of the same cast of characters that lost to the Rangers the season prior. Their most significant addition was Russ Courtnall, who got to play with his older brother Geoff for the only time in their careers.

Given it was still in the shadow of 1994, the series is often forgotten about in Canucks folklore, save for one bone-crushing hit.

There are only quick clips of the hit on the internet, so I figured I would give you a smorgasbord selection.

First, the Canucks.com clip. I like how Jeff Norton is simply referred to as “player” here:

This next video is my favourite. You get to see the hit twice, accompanied with some uplifting music:

Upbeat music isn’t your thing? Then maybe you’ll appreciate the hit with some WWE-style heavy metal:

Or maybe you’re old school and you want to hear what the late Don Wittman had to say about it on the CBC broadcast:

Hey, was the hit the most devastating hit of all-time? Of course not. But was it cool to see the glass shatter like that? You better believe it.

Twenty years later, it’s still pretty cool to watch.

*Note: there is some conflicting information floating around on the internet about when this hit took place. Derek Jory from Canucks.com reported that it happened on May 11 in Game 3. Elliott Pap from the Vancouver Sun reported that it happened two days later, in Game 4. And then there’s Peter Lee, a Canucks fan who was at Game 4 and still has the ticket stub, who says the hit took place in Game 4.