19 things you can only get away with in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 8:40 pm

Living in Vancouver, you’ll quickly realize we’re very different from the rest of the world. Here’s 19 things you can only get away with here, and only here.

1. This customer’s excuse for changing their pizza order.

2. Which could have been for a large THC-infused one.

3. Wearing leggings* for any and all occasions.

*Lululemon or TNA = interview attire.

4. This sign from the North Vancouver park district trying to appeal to the young folk.

5. This shirt.

6. Mocking the city’s overwhelming hipster, yuppie, and hipster-yuppie population with specialty drinks.

7. And with provincial ads.

8. This important front-page Vancouver Sun story.

9. A naked devil statue that erected out of nowhere. Still remains a mystery today.

devil penis statue vancouver

10. This awesome guerilla art stunt making a statement on plastic pollution.

11. Grown men showing up to Canucks games in green spandex bodysuits…

Famously known as the “Green Men”.

12. …hanging out by the players’ penalty box…

13. …chucking waffles at opposing teams…

14. …and getting Vince Vaughn involved.

15. Planting a tree at the very top of an apartment high-rise.

16. Selling artisan pumpkins for $79.

17. This sign for the Vancouver Aquarium’s jellyfish exhibit.

18. This hundred-person outdoor yoga class during everyone’s lunch break.

19. And ginormous weed advertisements. That are, of course, on bikes.

O, Vancity.


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