19 things you can do with your 20 cent minimum wage increase

Dec 19 2017, 2:21 pm

B.C. will raise its minimum wage to $10.45 in September, a meagre increase of only 20 cents. In a Vancity Buzz poll, just over 60 per cent of readers believed the increase was not enough, but when you add it up, an extra 20 cents an hour can provide some handsome benefits.

Over the course of a year for a person living on a full-time minimum wage position (five days per week), the wage increase adds up to just over $400.


Here is a lighthearted take on what you can do with your 20 cent minimum wage increase (not including taxes, unless noted otherwise):

1 Big Gulp from 7-Eleven

Cost: $1.49 each
Hours worked: 8 hours

1 Coffee Crisp from London Drugs

Cost: $1.29 each
Hours worked: 7 hours

Image: Nestle Corporation

Image: Nestle Corporation

1 litre of gas from Petro Canada

Cost: $1.179 per litre (gas station at Powell Street and McLean Drive)
Hours worked: 6 hours

1 Timbit from Tim Hortons

Cost: $0.25 each
Hours worked: 2 hours

Image: Vancity Buzz

Image: Vancity Buzz

1 goat through Oxfam Canada for a family living in a developing country

Cost: $50.00 per goat through Oxfam Canada
Hours worked: 250 hours (32 full-time workdays)

Image: Oxfam Canada

Image: Oxfam Canada

1 pay phone call

Cost: $0.50 per local call
Hours worked: 3 hours

1 slice of Fresh Slice pizza on “Festive Tuesday”

Cost: $1.25 per slice
Hours worked: 7 hours

Image: Fresh Slice

Image: Fresh Slice

1 pack of Juicy Fruit gum from London Drugs

Cost: $1.19 per pack
Hours worked: 6 hours

Add 1 flavour to your Starbucks drink

Cost: $0.55 per flavour
Hours worked: 3 hours

Burger 2.85 on Granville and West Pender

Cost: $2.85 per burger from Burger 2.85
Hours worked: 15 hours

Image: ChowMeNow

Image: ChowMeNow

1 app from iTunes

Cost: $1.19 for the cheapest apps
Hours worked: 6 hours

Tartar dipping sauce at McDonald’s

Cost: $0.10 per sauce package
Hours worked: 1 hour

Image: Tartar sauce via Shutterstock

Image: Tartar sauce via Shutterstock

1 item from McDonald’s Value Picks menu

Cost: $1.39 per item
Hours worked: 7 hours

Give a meal to someone in need through Save On Meat’s Token program

Cost: $2.25 per token
Hours worked: 12 hours

Image: Save On Meats

Image: Save On Meats

Treat yourself to one thing a day at Dollarama

Cost: $1.00 per item – the cheapest item you can find at Dollarama
Hours worked: 5 hours

Save 11 months for a round trip airfare to Los Angeles

Cost: $513 including fees and taxes
Hours worked: 2,564 hours (321 full-time workdays)

Toonie Tuesday (Special) at KFC

Cost: $3.29 per Tuesday Special (2 pieces of fried chicken, drumstick and thigh, and regular fries)
Hours worked: 17 hours

A peep show every other hour

Cost: $0.25
Hours worked: 2 hours

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